Hello Texas-Oklahoma Key Clubbers,

The following is an important message regarding the Top 25 Clubs in the District and all club secretaries/editors.

Due to the widespread pandemic of the COVID-19, the assignments from the last month (March reports and newsletters) will not be calculated for Top 25. In order to ensure fairness for all the schools that were closed beginning early March and remain closed the rest of the month, the Top 25 Clubs will be accumulated from the first eleven months of this year. Therefore, club secretaries and editors are not required to submit reports, newsletters, or other assignments on April 5th in hopes of alleviating any additional stress. Take this time to stay safe, and T-Ogether we will conquer through this time of distress. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact District Secretary Kareena Patel at or District Editor Vivian Thai at .

Yours in friendship and service,

Kareena Patel, Texas-Oklahoma District Secretary

Vivian Thai, Texas-Oklahoma District Editor

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