Pen Pal Program

Program created through a partnership of the Texas-Oklahoma District of Key Club District Governor and Membership Committee.

Pen-Pal Program Overview

This program was created with the intention of making connections between Key Club members through creative communication and sharing ideas.
Clubs or individual members can take part in this program by filling out the form found on the T-O Key Club website and the Membership Committee will review the responses and pair up the clubs/members with those who best match the answers.

Key Clubbers that take part in this program can choose to either write biweekly or once a month (whoever you are paired with will have a matching answer), and the Membership Committee will send out prompts biweekly through Remind (text @topen-pals to 81010). Pen-Pals can write outside of the times they decide upon in order to create a more personal connection, but as a part of the program, you agree to write a letter or email to your partner depending upon the time frame you list in the form.

The program consists of participants only from clubs inside of the T-O Key Club District; it does not expand past our District boundaries.

Rules and Guidelines

Disclaimer: There is no official way for the District Board to monitor how clubs and partners communicate or what you discuss because we do not want to try to invade your privacy. However, on the District website, there is a grievance form that can be filled out if a participant is no longer receiving letters or if they are no longer happy with their partner. 


  • Correspondence can be sent as an email or handwritten letter
    • Must be agreed upon between partners
    • If sending by mail, stamps and postage payment are to be self-provided
  • Keep correspondence appropriate
  • Prompts will be provided on the T-O website as suggestions, but are not necessarily mandatory
  • Correspondence does not have to be Key Club related at all times
    • However, keep in mind that the purpose of this program is to exchange ideas and form connections through the organization
  • If you choose to opt out of this program, you must complete the following tasks:
    • Make sure your partner(s) are informed that you are choosing to leave
    • Fill out the cancellation form on the T-O website
      • Form will ask for a reason for leaving the program. Your choice to leave does not require justification, this is simply feedback
  • If you are no longer receiving letters/emails from your partner, but would like to continue the program:
    • Decide whether you would like to continue the program with a new partner or if you would like to stop being a pen-pal
      • You may be put into an already formed group if there is not another open partner
    • Fill out the grievance form on the T-O Website
  • At the end of the Key Club year (marked by LEDCON), fill out a feedback form
    • This is not mandatory; however, it would be greatly appreciated so that we can improve the program next year

Pen-Pal Questionnaire Form

Cancellation Form

Grievance Form