Hello T-O!

We finally have our Top 2 mascot options: the Wolf and Otter.
Initially, this voting round was to get the top 3 candidates, but since we had a low voter turnout, it was more accurate to finalize our Top 2. After looking at the results from both rounds, we decided to go ahead and get the Top 2 instead of the Top 3.  Our Top 2 each had about 15 votes on average, while the others had a lot fewer votes in comparison.

We will take these Top 2 mascot candidates to Winter Board Meeting where the District Board will have an open discussion on the wolf and otter and come up with names for each. Your respective LTG will have the responsibility to get with his/her clubs and gather names for both the mascot options.

After our Winter Board Meeting, during the first week of January, we will do a final round of voting which will give us our top choice out of the wolf and otter. The final choice will then go to the House of Delegates at District Convention, and the voting delegates will have the option to either vote for the final option or vote for no mascot at all. We have to have a two-thirds majority vote to approve at the House of Delegates. This means that about 43 or more clubs would need to vote in favor for the mascot to pass it. Your club’s voice matters, so please vote!

We have made it this far on our mascot plan, so join us at DCON to find out the end result! We are as thrilled as you are!

Yours in Service,

Kareena Patel, Mascot Committee Chair