Hey T-O!

At our Winter Board Meeting, after having a great discussion on the names for the mascots, we have finally gotten names for our prospective mascots.

Ollie the Otter
The Wolf

Ollie was chosen because it is a really fun, friendly, and catchy name, perfectly fitting the personality of an otter and our district. The wolf wasn’t given a name because the board thought that a wolf itself has a powerful personality and therefore should stand alone. Thus, leading to the name “The Wolf.” In the future, when we go to International Convention or other places as such, we could be called “The Wolf Pack” because we work together as a mighty district.

The next voting round opens up a WEEK from today! The voting will be open from January 15th-January 21th 11:59 pm. As always, each club is allowed to only vote once and must vote as a club. The voting link will be open on www.tokeyclub.com.

Please go vote for your FAVORITE mascot candidate! This will be the final vote until House of Delegates at District Convention.

Thank you all for staying involved! Happy Voting!

Yours in Service,
Kareena Patel
Mascot Committee Chair