Get your sunglasses, suits, and dresses ready because the Hollywood red carpet is waiting for you! The Texas-Oklahoma District Board is proud to announce that the theme for LEDCON 2020 will be Hollywood. We are not only bringing you Hollywood, we are bringing you lights.. camera.. ACTION. The weekend of April 23rd-26th you will get the chance to celebrate a spectacular year of service, learn leadership skills, meet nearly 1,500 Key Clubbers, and much more. 

What does LEDCON stand for and why was the named changed? 

LEDCON: Leadership Educational District Conference. 

With the name being changed, it will give more schools the opportunity to attend. Administration is very strict in our schools therefore, with the name being more professional, the District Board hope it helps not only you but us as well! 
We hope to see you there and can not wait to Create Stars of Service with you!

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