Our “Key to End Alzheimer’s Week” will be November 12th through the 16th. This week is about Alzheimer’s Visibility and what you can do to help end Alz.  Listed are the days the Governor’s Project Committee has prepared, but remember that each day can be customized to fit your club and your school. 

Below are ways to spread the word about Alzheimer’s throughout your school and community:

  • Monday: Print out informational flyers about Alzheimer’s and the symptoms, then post them in the community and throughout school! (Hats off to Alzheimer’s)
  • Tuesday: Post sticky notes and write Alzheimer’s facts on them and stick a piece of candy on it, (Alzheimer’s isn’t sweet/ Help your fellow Friend)
  • Wednesday: Volunteer at your local Alzheimer’s center or nursing home. (don’t SLEEP on Alzheimer’s)
  • Thursday: Post on social media #KeyToEndAlzheimers to show support. Paint socks with puff paint and decorations then donate them to your Alzheimers center or nursing home!! (sock it to Alzheimer’s)
  • Friday: Promote Alzheimer’s, and maybe have a donation bucket, at a football game. (Purple Out!)

The following are dress up days to use to promote engagement with the week and to promote excitement about learning about this disease:

  • Monday-Hats off to Alzheimer’s~Hat Day
  • Tuesday-Help your fellow friend~ Superhero day
  • Wednesday- Don’t SLEEP on Alzheimer’s~ Pj Day
  • Thursday- Sock it to Alzheimer’s~ Crazy sock day
  • Friday-Purple Out!!~ All purple

Be sure to share pictures of how you incorporate these days into your school’s Key to End Alzheimer’s Week with the hashtag #KeytoEndAlzheimers!