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IMPORTANT: New Addition to the Rubric for Newsletters

After much consideration and consultation from your opinions, I have decided to allow club editors to use the Texas-Oklahoma Key Club Brand Guide color palette in their club newsletters. A handful of y’all have said that you would like a more versatile color palette. If you follow our Instagram or have read my recent Tex-O-Key publication, then you have seen a glimpse of our T-O color palette. I hope to expand on your creative abilities to create more visually appealing newsletters as well as create a more cohesive image for our district as a whole.

In the new rubric, the T-O brand guide will be included in the 10% rule, meaning that editors can still obtain full points for graphic standards as long as at least 90% of their colors are either from the T-O or Key Club International Brand Guide. Club editors will only be required to use 3 Key Club International colors, but they are not required to use the T-O brand guide colors.

The T-O Brand Guide color palette and the revised club newsletter rubric can be found under “Editor Resources.”

If you have any questions regarding the new change, please contact me through my email editor@tokeyclub.com or text me through my Remind (code: @toeditors). I hope y’all like the new revision, and I can’t wait to see your newsletters in October!

T-O Key Club Brand Guide
Texas-Oklahoma Brand Guide Color Palette

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