Governor’s Project

Governor’s Project

Governor’s Project: Crafting A Brighter Future


This year’s Governor’s Project is Crafting A Brighter Future, and it is a project geared towards promoting arts and creativity within the youth population. Art allows for self-expression and has several emotional and psychological benefits. There has been a recent lack of funding in art education in public schools across the nation. Crafting A Brighter Future aims to target this issue through various service projects and activities to help promote art among the youth. We hope to encourage T-O to serve creatively and promote art within their schools and community!

Monthly Challenges

One of the criteria for the patch is participating in monthly challenges. The following are all of the monthly challenges for this year.

  • Make activity books and donate them to hospital patients or foster homes.
  • Have an art challenge where participants must make something creative with limited supplies and time. Anyone can attend!
  • Make and donate cards to nursing homes.
  • Make CD sun catchers to donate to nursing homes.
  • Decorate the concrete at schools or parks (with permission) with encouraging words or messages.
  • Create an art piece to decorate your school that memorializes Key Club.
  • Make art baskets to give to people in hospitals or shelters.
  • Hold a fundraiser to help get art supplies for schools or donate the money to a charity that will fund art programs.
  • Host art lessons for kids in the community.
  • Make crafts from recycled items to give to your school faculty.
  • Make your own coloring pages and donate them to elementary schools/foster homes.
  • Hold a donation drive where people can donate art supplies that can be donated to charities, schools, daycares, certain shelters, etc.
  • Make pumpkin-themed crafts to donate or decorate your school with (Halloween/October themed).
  • Make origami hearts or cards to donate or decorate your school with (Valentine’s Day/February themed).
  • Make snowflakes to donate or decorate your school with (Winter themed).
  • Have any other holiday themed craft social.

Patch Criteria

  • Have a virtual or in-person event in partnership with an elementary school
  • The number of events/service opportunities where crafts were created
  • Participating in monthly challenges
  • Promoting the governor’s project and monthly challenges through club newsletter, website/social media, and/or general meeting presentation

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