Contest and Award winners will be announced on FaceBook Live Saturday, May 2 at 3pm.  See LEDCON Contest Information link below for electronic entry forms.  Email your entries to DCON@tokeyclub.com 

Contest information and forms:  LEDCON Contest Information

Email your entries no later than Thursday, April 23 to DCON@tokeyclub.com

KEY CLUB SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION    Key Club members chosen for scholarship interviews are found on link as well as instructions for a written “interview” question that must be submitted before 4/13/20.

Important Dates

3/31/20 – Leader of Leaders award due to Regional Advisor

 4/9/20 – Outstanding Officer & Outstanding Advisor and other Awards due

4/13/20 – Scholarship interview question due

4/23/20 – All other eligible Contests Due (Annual Achievement, Club Video, Major Emphasis, Most Improved Club, Single Service)

Should you have questions, please email DCON@tokeyclub.com or call Assistant District Administrator, Kelly Poland @ 405-923-0318.

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