LEDCON Interest

In an attempt to gauge participation in our Annual District Conference we are asking all clubs to complete the LEDCON INTEREST FORM found here.

Volunteering Safely


  • Wear mask
  • Keep contact tracing
  • Social distance
  • Wash hands after volunteering


  • Come sick
  • Touch your face
  • Get crowded
  • Share unnecessary objects

Remember there is always a way to serve. Just be respectful of others!

Service Activities

Can’t go outside? Not a problem! Here are some reputable sources you can volunteer for from your home!,,,, Taproot Foundation, AllforGood, Hire Heroes USA, American Red Cross, Points of Light, BeMyEyes,, Smithsonian transcription, and Zooniverse!

Other service activity ideas include:

  • Collecting Bags that abide under the Governor and Districts Projects 
  • Donating blood
  • Deliver meals or groceries  
  • Volunteering at food banks/ soup kitchens
  • Hold food or good drives
  •  Online Tutoring/ book club
  • Collecting trash around the community
  • Create busy books for the elderly

Virtual Socials

One of the best ways to keep members involved and recruit new members is by having socials! This is a great way for members to get to know each other and form a tight Key Club family!

The possibilities for things to do at virtual socials are endless! You can hold your socials on Google Meets, Zoom, Skype, or even platforms like Netflix Party!

Online Activities

  • Create vision boards
  • Watch a movie together (using Netflix Party)
  • Just Dance
  • Karaoke
  • Cooking or crafting together
  • “Show and Tell” Activity
  • Talent show
  • Volunteer online together (ex: pick up trash on Zoom)

Online Games

  • Kahoot / Quizzes
  • or
  • Jackbox games
  • Pictionary / Hangman


Fundraising wont be easy this year, but lets make the best of it!

  • Make sure to stay organized and be persistent no matter what.
  • Set a goal and remember your inspiration.
  • Promote your fundraiser to students, teachers, family, and community members.
  • Construct a detailed timeline.

Fundraising ideas

  • Virtual walk/ run 
  • Sell watch party “tickets” and even have movie snacks and candy shipped to watchers ahead of time.
  • Selling face masks or t shirts Online
  • Hold a ‘mask making master class’ with paid admission 
  • Online Contests/ Talent Competitions (winner gets prize, pay to enter)
  • Game night Tournament (kahoot, bingo, or jeopardy; charge admission and have prizes)


This year is certainly different when it comes to member recruitment and retention, but you can do it!

Make sure that you are constantly engaging with your Key Clubbers and make it be known that your club is dedicated to making the best of the year. Key Club is a wonderful organization, and it’s always nice to expand our family!

  • Send out a mass email to the students in your school to advertise
  • Host a live stream online. Some platforms that can be used include Facebook or YouTube
  • Have a fun first meeting with food (if in-person) or icebreakers
  • Create a mentor or buddy system to connect old members with new ones
  • Have older members or officers talk about their experience in the club
  • Contact middle school teachers or staff and advertise to their NJHS or Builders Club