Texas-Oklahoma District Board members attended the Summer Board meeting July 27-28 in Irving, TX. Traditionally as a component of that meeting, all board members are tested on their knowledge of Texas-Oklahoma district bylaws, codes, and parliamentary procedure. T-O takes pride in doing everything we can to improve our leaders and their ability to serve their respective clubs. Knowing the rules that govern our district is an important way to serve.

Below were the results of the extremely challenging annual examination. Contact your respective board member to offer congratulations if he or she made the grade!

Aarushi Shukla – Fail

Adam Price – Fail

Addi Duerksen – Pass

Adrianna Flores – Fail

Aina Sebastian – Fail

Ashley Meads – Pass

Ashten Smith – Fail

Austin Wilkie – Fail

Brianna Dao – Fail

Bunsri Patel – Pass

Clarence Niel Manglal-Ian – Pass and Top 5 Score
Connor Rubrecht – Fail

Cristofer Olivares – Fail

Darren Vilaysane – Pass

Erin Ng – Fail

Ivana Lin – Pass and Top 5 Score
Jalyn Hancock – Pass

Jennifer Nguyen – Fail

Kaitlin Fox – Fail

Kaitlyn Roehr – Pass

Kareena Patel – Fail

Kathryn Aung – Pass and Top 5 Score
Kyra Burke – Fail

Lauren Ross – Fail

Lily Mahmound – Fail

Madison Green – Fail

Maisha Ahmed – Fail

Megan Hughes – Fail

Michael Champion – Fail

Michael Maldonado – Fail

Nadia Rodriguez – Fail

Natalie Delatorre – Fail

Paola Celis – Pass and Top 5 Score
Rebekah Williams – Fail

Rosa Lee – Pass

Sarah Spivey – Pass and Top 5 Score