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Article Prompts for June 2022

  1. Have you participated in a volunteer event this summer? If so, describe your experience. 
  2. What role does Key Club play in your everyday life while not in school?
  3. What summer volunteering ideas do you have, and how do you plan on implementing them?
  4. Describe how your club promotes socials and how they benefit your club as a whole.
  5. How have you remained active in Key Club over the summer?
  6. Submit a Humans of Texas-Oklahoma! How was your Key Club Experience and what is Key Club to you? (HOTO is submitted as a separate assignment from articles) Submit as a Microsoft Word Document and include a photo of yourself! Have the author, school name, division, and the title as “HOTO” at the top of the document. Email June HOTO by July 5th to editor@tokeyclub.com with the email subject line: [school] [division] June HOTO) (you can submit a maximum of 1 HOTO each month)

You are always free to write about any Key Club-related topic! All articles should have at least 1 JPG photo each and be sent as Microsoft Word Documents. Have the author, school name, division, and article title at the top of each document. Email June Articles by July 5th to editor@tokeyclub.com with the email subject: [School] [Division] June Articles. (you can submit a maximum of 5 Articles each month)

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