Governor’s Project

Bags of Hope


This year’s Governor’s Project is Bags of Hope, and it is a project geared towards addressing issues and providing aid for the children in the Foster Care System. There are two separate components to this project: advocacy/awareness and service. The Foster Care System is an underrepresented topic in the media, so it’s important that the members utilize their resources to help ADVOCATE and spread AWARENESS about the issues that foster children face. Next members will provide SERVICE for the foster children by creating and donating care packages to local Department of Human Services and Foster Homes to help bring a smile to them during these times of uncertainty. With the help of the members of the Texas-Oklahoma Key Club District, the lives of foster children will improve with one care package at a time.

Advocating is a major component of Bags of Hope. Members can advocate for the project by…

  • Talking to local radio stations about advertising the project on the radio
  • Creating brochures to hand out to school peers and community members
  • Spreading #bagsofhope on social media

With Bags of Hope, clubs will be encouraged to participate in donating care packages to their local Department of Human Services or foster care homes. Each package will require at least one…

  • Personalized letter
  • Book
  • Hygiene product

Although the service primarily revolves around creating care packages, there are other ways members can volunteer. Some include:

  • Donating various gifts like books, toys, blankets, and clothing during the holiday seasons
  • Meeting virtually with foster children
  • Mentoring or tutoring a child in foster care either in person or online
  • Creating a fundraiser for a foster care organization
  • Offering free photography services to an adoption agency
  • Advocating adoption of children/support for foster care facilities to your community members

Members can participate in Bags of Hope each month. Some monthly challenges include …

  • Keeping in touch with you local Department of human services or foster care homes
  • Taking photos of Bags of Hope related services and sending them to their Lieutenant Governor
  • Advertising the foster care system on social media and add the hashtag #bagsofhope

Patch Criteria

  • Host at least one donation drive
  • Donate a number of bags greater than or equal to 20% of the number of members but is not expected to exceed 30 bags. If the number is a decimal round accordingly.
  • Complete at least 5 monthly challenges
  • Create one brochure/flier to inform others about the issues that foster children face and how to help alleviate the problems

Helpful Organizations to Partner With