District Project

Children of the Future


The Texas-Oklahoma District Key Club District Project this year is Children of the Future. Children of the Future focuses on helping to create a better future for the next generation and help the disadvantaged youth population within our district. We hope that this project will support and aid children in the foster care system and bring more awareness to their situation. Your club can participate in the District Project by donating necessities to Foster Care Homes, volunteering to play or teach children, putting together care packages for the kids or by simply partnering with organizations that support the Foster System.

Service Project Ideas

  • Connect with the care facilities
  • Hold birthday parties for children in the foster system* 
  • Provide tutoring/mentor* 
  • Care packages for going to a new home*
  • Help the centers meet their needs (donate supplies)*
  • Volunteering at children’s hospital
  • Volunteer to read to kids*
  • Donate books (Books for Africa: collect books for needy students in Africa)*
  • Plan and host fundraisers/ service projects that help local children in foster care*
  • Donate supplies and food to orphanages*
  • Design a coloring book*
  • Host a field day 
  • Presentations on proper exercise and health*
  • Volunteering for children’s fitness programs
  • Volunteering to teach kids a new sport
  • Act as cheerleaders for kids’ games
  • School supply drives* 
  • Children’s clothing drive*

* = Quarantine Friendly/Online Opportunities

Ways to Raise Awareness

  • Creating a brochure and handing it out
  • Creating a presentation and showing it at Key Club meetings 
  • Taking a club trip to your local Foster Care Home 
  • Having a Foster Home worker guess speaker 
  • Reading and learning more about the Foster System online 
  • Post on social media

Award Criteria

  • Host at least one drive for children in the foster care system (clothes, food, toy, etc.)
  • Work with an elementary/middle school 
  • Partner with an organization (EX: any Major Emphasis Program)
  • # of club members = required # man hours towards project

Helpful Organizations to Partner With