This year’s District Project is Opportunity for All (OFA). OFA addresses the disadvantaged and works to combat their obstacles as well as providing new opportunities. Whether it is through education, the arts, or athletics, OFA is about allowing people to explore and cultivate new skills to offer a brighter future. 

Why OFA? 

Many do not realize how much other’s environments affect them; whether it is socioeconomic, familial issues, etc. service alone will not tend to these problems. Therefore, OFA is about offering resources to the underprivileged in order to create new avenues for their future. We will use the media to advocate for the importance of expanding one’s repertoire and serving the community by providing various services. There are many ways to address this ever-expanding issue and it can be altered according to one’s community. The Texas-Oklahoma Key Club District members can work together to give people a fighting chance. 

Service Project Ideas 

  • Holding a donation drive for gently used books, backpacks, sports equipment, new school/art supplies
  • In-person or virtual tutoring sessions 
  • Hosting a keynote speaker event 
  • Holding a joint sports event as a local sports authority center 
  • Host an UN-sponsored event 
  • Class for sports, art, etc
  • Recording informational podcasts 
  • Advocating for education equality and an emphasis on extracurriculars 

Advocate by 

  • Talking to local radio stations about advertising the project on the radio 
  • Create digital or physical flyers to promote the cause 
  • Using the hashtag #Oppertunityforall or #KCOFA on social media to get the word out 

Monthly Challenges 

Curated by the district project committee, monthly challenges are a way to stay engaged and help out the community. To keep up to date with the campaign, monthly challenges keep participants on track and allows for service opportunities. Reminder: these are not required! 

When participating, make sure to… 

  • Take photos of OFA related services and sending them to your lieutenant governor 
  • Publicizing OFA on social media using the hashtags #Oppertunityforall or #TOOFA AND #TOKEYCLUB 

Award Criteria  

  • Hosting at least one donation drive
  • Partnering up with an organization ex. ProLiteracy 
  • Publicity
    • Promote the District Project on social media, newsletter, website, and during general meetings
  • The number of man-hours towards the project should equal the number of members 

Helpful Organizations to Partner With 

  • 25 Ladders
  • Catch-up and Read (CAR)
  • Seeds to STEM
  • Oklahoma Arts Council 
  • ProLiteracy 
  • Up With People