District Board

District Governor

Lilian Thai


Hey Key Clubbers! My name is Lilian Thai and I’m super excited to be the 2021-2022 T-O District Governor. I am a rising junior at Garland High School in Texas and have been in Key Club since my freshman year. I served as the lieutenant governor of divisions 12/22 & 35 last year and am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to serve as District Governor this upcoming year. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and drinking boba. Some of my goals this year include linking and expanding the district, while advocating for service and driving the board to stay motivated. I can’t wait to serve alongside y’all this year and feel free to reach out if you ever need anything!

District Secretary

Ginna Galindo Gomez


Hello T-O! I’m Ginna Galindo Gomez, District Secretary for 2021-2022. I am beyond excited for this year! I have many things planned for the secretaries this year. A brief introduction of myself, I joined Key Club my freshman year and fell in love. I will be a Senior at Weatherford High School. My hobbies are watching anime, singing, and working out. My goals for they year is to increase monthly report rates by making the duties of the secretaries easier, updating resources for secretaries, and staying in contact with all secretaries. We have strived through a difficult year, but I believe we can make it out stronger T-Ogether.

District Treasurer

Makayla Hsieh


Hello hello T-O! I’m Makayla Hsieh and I am thrilled to serve as your District Treasurer for the 2021-22 Key Club Year! I am a rising senior at Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. I love to thrift, dance, and make new friends! I’ll have dancing sessions when I’m either giddy or stressed, and I hope I can show off my cool moves to y’all at LEDCON! As DT, I will mainly work to increase the T-O District’s membership this year with the membership committee. Additionally, I would like to continue our District’s legacy on the YOF Grant and make sure club treasurers submit their dues on time! I’m so ready to create great bonds with the T-O Board and my fellow treasurers this year! Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or you just want to talk, and I shall greet you with smiles and random emojis!!

District Editor

Anushka Ranjan


Hey T-O! My name is Anushka Ranjan, and I am incredibly excited to serve as your District Editor for the 2021-2022 Key Club term! Currently, I’m a rising senior at Goose Creek Memorial High School. Outside of Key Club, some of my favorite activities are watching horror movies, playing tennis, and eating chocolate chip cookies. I also love listening to music and am always looking for song recommendations! My main goals are to strengthen our Key Club community and help editors delve deeper into their roles. Please feel free to contact me if you need absolutely anything; let’s make this a memorable year for Key Club!

Convention Liaison

Val Hennessee


Hey T-O! My name is Val Hennessee and i’ll be your Convention Liaison for the 2021-2022 Key Club year! I’m a current senior at Arlington High School, and I am a total nerd. I love choir, engineering, math, archery, and, of course, Key Club! This year, I want to increase the amount of scholarships raised and the number of clubs that attend LEDCON as well as help create an unforgettable LEDCON theme. I’m hoping to make this year one for the books, and I’m excited to start this journey with you all! Please reach out if you ever need anything, and remember that our service is best done T-Ogether :)!

Technology Producer

Noah Obuya


Hey y’all, I’m Noah Obuya, your Tech Producer for this year! I’m a senior at Mansfield Lake Ridge High School that loves plants and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Outside of Key Club, I’m involved in band, NHS, Minorities in STEM, and some other of my school’s various programs. Before becoming Tech Producer, I was my school’s webmaster for a year, then moving up to LTG, only for a month, before I was appointed to the position of Tech Producer. As Tech Producer my main goals are to increase the amount and type of videos we upload to Youtube, get some posts uploaded to our Twitter and TikTok, and aid Key Club Webmasters/ Editors in finding a posting style they enjoy. I can’t wait for all the things I see from T-O this year and I hope I can make you guys proud throughout my term and make a long-lasting impact that makes future boards proud as well.

International Trustee

The Carolinas, Kentucky-Tennessee, and Texas-Oklahoma Sistrict

Salma Eldeeb


Hello! My name is Salma Eldeeb, and I am beyond excited to be your International Trustee for the 2020-2021 year. If you didn’t already know, our Sistricts this year are the Carolinas and Kentucky-Tennessee. Outside of Key Club, I love to paint and write. You can usually find me creating yet another extremely specific Spotify playlist. I am a junior in the IB program at Spruce Creek High School in Florida and am part of my school’s art club and Science Olympiad! I hope to increase member and Board interactions between different Districts and educate clubs on Intersectional projects / fundraisers this year. I can’t wait to meet and get to know the Texas-Oklahoma District!

2020-2021 Committee Chairs

Contests and Awards Committee

Morgan Hollingsworth


Hey y’all! My name is Morgan Hollingsworth and I’m the Contests and Awards committee chairwoman. This committee is comprised of myself and LTGs Ginna Galindo, Jonathan Perez, Sophie Yang, Joseph Ye, and Luke Baber, as well as District Secretary Vivian Thai and Convention Liaison Kaitlyn Roehr. The purpose of our committee is to ensure that the Code of Contests and Awards is continuously updated and improved to make it as easy as possible for clubs to apply. Additionally, we oversee and run contests as well as the awards presentation at our annual District Convention. My main goal this year for the committee is to amend and revise the code even further, which we have already begun to accomplish! We also would like to simplify the contest information for clubs, since it can get overwhelming at times. Our hope is that doing this will encourage more clubs to participate. The Contests and Awards committee is super excited for this year!!

COVID-19 Committee

Valerie Hennessee


Hey Key Clubbers! My name is Val Hennessee, and i’m the chairwoman of the COVID Committee. Our committee is comprised of myself, Ginna Galindo, Jonathan Perez, Anna Ngo, Tiffany Doan, International Trustee Salma Eldeeb, and all staff in T-O! Our committee was created by T-O in response to the pandemic  to adapt our clubs against COVID. Some of our goals include: Helping come up with ways that clubs can fundraise during COVID, coming up with virtual service activities, finding ways to recruit during COVID, brainstorming how to pay dues in creative ways, making a list of things to do to stay safe while volunteering, coming up with innovative ways to host virtual socials, and promoting COVID relief approaches across T-O’s social media platforms. Our task force has big things planned for this year! We are ready and willing to help our T-O clubs in whatever they need in regards to service in the pandemic. 

District Project Committee

Anna Ngo


Hey everyone! My name is Anna Ngo and I’m the chairwoman for District Project Committee! The members of the District Project Committee are Anh Tran, Caleb Sanchez, Emily Young, Tiffany Doan, Chelsea Jacobson, and District Secretary Vivian Thai. We are so excited to announce that the District Project this year is Children of the Future! Children of the Future focuses on helping to create a better future for the next generation and help the disadvantaged youth population within our district. We hope that this project will support and aid children in the foster care system and bring more awareness to their situation. Your club can participate in the District Project by donating necessities to Foster Care Homes, volunteering to play or teach children, putting together care packages for the kids or by simply partnering with organizations that support the Foster System. One of our main goals this year is to bring more attention to the children of the foster care system and the system itself. A way that your club can help us with this goal is by creating brochures, posters or presentations, visiting foster homes, and speaking to foster home workers. Any little thing can help make a BIG difference in the lives of these children! I can’t wait to see all the great things our district will do with this District Project!!

Events Public Relations Committee

Graciela Bachu


Hey T-O! My name is Graciela Bachu, some people call me “Ella,” and I’m the chairwoman of the Event Public Relations Committee. I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with our committee member, Ellisiah Cagaoan, staff, District Editor Katelyn Tran & Tech Producer Alina Dam, and regional advisors, Blake Roller & Rafael Santos. We, as the Event Public Relations Committee, also known as EPR, work to promote District Events, like Fall Rally and LEDCON (Leadership and Education District Convention) with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness and attendance of district events. This year, due to the pandemic, it’s not possible for T-O to host the Fall Rally. So, we, at the EPR Committee, have centered all of our attention on LEDCON. As a District Board, we aim to make this year’s event as big and as memorable as we possibly can in order to make up for the cancellation of our 2019-2020 Convention. To do this, we’ll be working on tons of projects for this year’s convention and even on some to be reused in future years!

Governor’s Project Committee

Ben Lai


Howdy Key-uties of the Texas-Oklahoma Key Club District! My name is Ben Lai, and I’m the chairman of the Governor’s Project Committee. I’m excited to serve the district and its community through the committee alongside the committee members, District Governor Kareena Patel, Administrator Kenyon Black, Regional Advisor Dennis Hogan, Regional Advisor Olin Norrid, Lt. -Gov. Haley Linscott, Lt. -Gov. Katherine Ortiz-Fernandez, Lt. -Gov. Mireya Puga, and Lt. -Gov. Tisha Gautam. As a committee, we work to promote and expand the District Governor’s chosen service project towards its fullest potential. Through our efforts the committee hopes to provide meaningful service opportunities that can change lives in our community. This year the Governor’s Project Committee will plan and execute this year’s chosen governor’s project, Bags of Hope. Every year over 250,000 children with experiences of abuse, neglect, homelessness, and/or etc enter the foster care system stressed and afraid. With these disadvantages that the foster youth face, Bags of Hope will advocate for members to utilize their resources to help spread awareness about the issues and provide service for them. Our main goal as Governor’s Project is to provide compassion and happiness for the foster children through advocacy/awareness and service. Clubs can participate in the endeavor by creating informative brochures/fliers and assembling and donating care packages. With your help the foster children of unfortunate upbringings can grow and feel appreciated with one care package at a time.

General Public Relations Committee

Rujul Kulkarni


Hey T-O! My name is Rujul Kulkarni and I am the chairwoman of the General Public Relations Committee. The members of our committee include Kushi Kura, Val Hennessee, Ellisiah Cagaoan, Anh Tran, District Technology Producer Alina Dam, and District Editor Katelyn Tran. The purpose of the GPR Committee is to maintain communication between the members of the District and the District Board through all forms of social media. Some of our goals for this Key Club year are to make the social media more active, cohesive, and informative for the club members. We would like to do this through organized posting, as well as creating an interactive environment where members feel as though their concerns and issues are being voiced and answered. Please feel free to reach out to the committee at any time, and we look forward to being T-Ogether in service!

Kiwanis and International Relations Committee

Camilla Brown


Hey T-O District! My name is Camilla Brown, and I am the chairwomen of the Kiwanis and International Relations Committee. Our committee is composed of several awesome members, including LTG Peggy Dodd, LTG Sana Arshad, LTG Jathin Desan, LTG Kayte Roller, Governor Kareena Patel, and International Trustee Salma Eldeeb. Our committee serves to promote the bonds our Texas-Oklahoma Key Clubs have with Key Club International and the Kiwanis Family. This year, we strive to advertise for our new award, the Kiwanis Family Service Award. By participating in this award, Key Clubs have a chance to win a prize at the District Convention. Also, be on the look out for Kiwanis and International Relations Committee updates on social media and in your Lieutenant Governor monthly newsletters! If you have any questions, please contact my email listed above.

Membership Committee

Emily Young


Greetings Key Clubbers! My name is Emily Young, and I’m the chairwoman of the Membership Committee. Our committee is made up of amazing LTGs from across our District, including Peggy Dodd, Letizia Fazzini, Kushi Kura, Ben Lai, and Elie Lam. We also work closely with the District Treasurer Raj Patel and District Governor Kareena Patel, as well as Regionals Tyler Thompson and Abby Handrahan and District Administrator Kelly Poland. The purpose of our committee is to share resources for all the amazing clubs in our District in order to help with recruitment and retainment of members. A majority of these resources (such as posters, flyers, tips for sponsors/officers, and pre-made social media posts) will be available on our website and continually added to by our committee. Some of our major goals for this year are to maintain a District membership count at 15,000 Key Clubbers and establishing a Pen-Pal Program with our District Governor. We aim to  accomplish these goals through the resources we provide and through close partnership with our District Staff. The Pen-Pal Program is something in the works as a partnership with our District Governor. We are working to create a system where clubs or individual members from across our District can communicate and share ideas or simply form connections. We’d love for this project to create bonds between our members that strengthen our District even more. 
Another goal for our committee is to make this year as easy as possible when it comes to the new virtual reality we find ourselves in. Throughout the coming months, we will add resources to our website addressing some problems that might come with retaining members with online activities and recruiting members when you can’t physically speak with them. One final thing we are going to implement this year is a series of monthly projects. Through our website and social media pages, we will advertise these projects that we encourage all members to participate in. The monthly projects will include District-wide trivia nights, a day of fundraising, or a day of advocation. We are coming up with many more ideas, so continue to watch our social media pages for updates on these projects in September. As a committee, we want to work with our members as directly as we can! Key Club is all about people, so let us know (through District Staff) how we can help you! 

Regulations, Elections, and Credentials Committee

Michael Chapple


My name is Michael Chapple, and I’m the proud Chairman of the Committee on Regulations, Elections and Credentials! We, the members of REC, Tisha Gautam, Viranda Kwok, Braxton Roberts, Letizia Fazzini and Elie Lam are charged with upholding the Bylaws and Codes of TO, enforcing proper parliamentary procedures at Board meetings, ensuring elections integrity and, as it pertains to you all, assessing proposed amendments to the Bylaws of our great district. Shoutout to our district staff member, Governor Patel who provides advice to us on the regular!! (Yeah, our staff member is the Governor (wink)). This year, REC will work to develop varying guidelines for district candidates, HOD decorum and Lt.G dismissal, as well as amend the Bylaws and Codes to allow out-of-region Lt.G appointments to better fill the vacancies in Texas-Oklahoma, among many other topics. If YOU believe you have an idea or proposal to our Bylaws that merits the consideration of HOD, don’t be afraid to holler! ANY member of Texas-Oklahoma has the opportunity to shape the operation of our district for the greater good of all of us! See y’all at the next convening of our House of Delegates! (P.S. Know your ParliPro so our House Parliamentarian doesn’t have to wRECk y’all!)

Welcoming Committee

Pranav Gupta


Greetings. My name is Pranav Gupta, and I’m the chairman of the Welcoming Committee. My committee is composed of the lieutenant governors, Sana Arshad, Austin Urbanski, and Caleb Sanchez, and the staff, Convention Liaison Kaitlyn Roehr and District Treasurer Raj Patel. Our committee’s main goal is to create an amazing welcoming activity that allows all of the Key Clubbers who attend LEDCON to celebrate their Key Club year. So far, we have set various goals for ourselves so that we can accomplish our purpose. Some of these goals include, having our activities and service projects ready by Winter Board, maintaining our given budget, and having a set number of activities. We feel as if the welcoming activity is crucial to our LEDCON because it is the first activity the attendees see as they walk in. Therefore, we are planning to awe the members with excitement such that we can all enjoy our celebration of this key club year.

2020-2021 Lieutenant Governors

Region 7 Division 1

Jonathan Perez


Hello T-O! My name is Jonathan Perez, and I am the Division 1 Lieutenant Governor. In my free time I love to hang out with friends, watch Netflix, take pictures, and go shopping. This upcoming school year I will be a sophomore at Cleburne High School. My main goals for division 1 this year are to communicate more and raise participation. I am looking forward to meeting new people and creating new friendships with them. This year has already been a crazy one, but I know it will also be an amazing one too.

Region 9 Division 2N

Lucie Nguyen



Region 8 Division 2S

Tisha Gautam


Hey guys! My name is Tisha Gautam and I’m your Division 2S LTG. In my free time, I’ve really been enjoying baking and cooking for my family. I’ve also trying my best to spend lots of time talking to my friends and family. I am a senior at Garland High School, and am involved in HOSA and NHS at my school. I’m so, so happy to have the privilege to serve as one of your LTGs this year, and my main goal is to provide as much support as I can during these difficult times. I want to achieve this goal by giving lots of individualized attention to each of the clubs and fostering strong relationships between my division and the K-Family organizations. This year, I’m most excited to get to know the clubs and see how they progress over the course of the year.

Region 12 Division 3C

Sophie (Seo Ryoung) Yang


Hello T-O Key Club! I’m Sophie Yang, and I am your 2020-2021 Division 3C LTG! I am a Senior at James E. Taylor High School, and I am mainly in Key Club and Orchestra. I enjoy dancing and singing during my free time, and I love meeting new people and attempting new things! My goal this year is to make Division 3C clubs more involved. I am very excited to serve as a LTG this year and see the growth in my division and Key Club as a whole!

Region 12 Division 3E

Ben Lai



Region 12 Division 3W

Rujul Kulkarni


Hey T-O! My name is Rujul Kulkarni, and I am the Lieutenant Governor for Division 3 West for the 2020-2021 Key Club year. I enjoy watching football, playing cello, and watching Rom-Coms. I go to Langham Creek High School, and will be a senior this year. This year my main goals are to have a majority of my clubs in the top 25, create a more connected district through the GPR Committee, and overall have a great year. I’m most looking forward to my last LEDCON!!

Region 12 Division 3N

Letizia Fazzini


Hello everyone! My name is Letizia Fazzini and I am honored to be the Division 3N LTG for the 2020-2021 school year. My main hobbies include playing the piano, participating in programming competitions, and playing Tetris. I’m currently a senior at Cypress Woods High school, where I participate in several other extracurricular activities, including math club and model United Nations. My main goal for this year is to increase member participation in service projects, socials, and DCMs within Division 3N and I am most looking forward to planning a fun RTC (Regional Training Conference) this fall.

Region 12 Division 3S

Graciela Bachu


Howdy T-O! I’m Graciela, some people call me “Ella,” and I’m absolutely stoked to be the Division 3S Lieutenant Governor. Fun fact: My goal in life to become the best version of myself that I possibly can be guides all my decisions. My “Key Club Journey” began at Harmony School of Innovation – Sugarland where I focus a lot of my time on volleyball and the Technology Student Association. This year, my goal as Lieutenant Governor is to provide an organized and efficient system to serve as a strong foundation for club officers to build on in order for 3S to become the best version of itself. I’m most looking forward to LEDCON 2021 because I know, by that time, I’ll have gained tons of knowledge and friends through the experience of being on the District Board and given back that wealth of knowledge to 3S as well!

Region 14 Divisions 4/6

Morgan Hollingsworth


Hey T-O! My name is Morgan Hollingsworth and I am the returning Lieutenant Governor for Divisions 4/6 as well as the Contests and Awards Committee Chairwoman! I’m a senior at Flour Bluff High School where I participate in several activities, including Key Club, NHS, and student council. Outside of school, I love going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and baking! I’m super excited for this year. My main goal is to increase communication and participation in activities across my division. I’m most looking forward to strengthening my bonds with members and seeing the rest of the T-O District Board at Winter Board and LEDCON!

Region 11 Division 5




Region 1 Divisions 7/33




Region 9 Division 8

Emily Young


Hi Key Clubbers! My name is Emily Young, and I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 8 in Region 9! I am going into my senior year at Denton High School as a full International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate. When I am not in my classes, I can most likely be found working at Marco’s Pizza, where I am a manager. Although on the occasional days when I have free time, I spend it with my close friends chilling in my pool on my giant Texas flag floats, drinking boba Tea, or having a picnic in the park. This year is my first time working on the District Board of Key Club, and I am so excited to be a part of this amazing group! Some of my goals for my division are to increase communication amongst clubs and to provide resources for faculty sponsors. I can’t wait to work with this Board and District more as the Membership Committee Chair and as a part of the District Project Committee! I look forward to seeing the Board again at Winter Board Meeting and seeing all the awesome T-O Key Clubbers at LEDCON!

Region 12 Division 9E

Ellisiah Cagaoan


Howdy! My name is Ellisiah Cagaoan & I’m Lieutenant Governor of Region 12 Division 9 East! I attend Oak Ridge High School & will be a senior for the 2020-2021 school year. Besides Key Club, I serve as my National Honor Society’s Vice President. In my free time, I like to sing, play my guitar, & learn new Tiktok dances LOL. My goal for this year is to increase divisional attendance at LEDCON & I cannot wait to attend WINBO in January to see my fellow Board members!

Region 12 Division 9W

Kushi Kura


Hello T-O Key Clubs! My name is Kushi Kura and I will be serving as the Lieutenant Governor for Region 12 Division 9 West! In my free time, I love to choreograph dances, have photoshoots with my friends, and go online shopping. This year, I will be a senior at The Woodlands College Park High School, and I am involved in DECA and DI. My goals for this year are to charter 2 new clubs in Division 9W & raise involvement in LEDCON, and I’m most excited to get to know Key Clubbers in my division and see my clubs grow throughout the year!

Region 13 Division 10




Region 14 Division 11

Mireya Puga



Region 5 Divisions 12/22/35




Region 9 Division 13

Caleb Sanchez



Region 10 Division 14

Braxton Roberts



Region 2 Division 16




Region 6 Division 17

Ginna Galindo


Hi!! My name is Ginna Galindo and I’ll be serving as the Division 17 Lieutenant Governor for 2020-2021. I love to sing, read, and now watch anime. I’m currently a junior at Weatherford High School in Oklahoma. This year, my biggest goal is to put service back on the face of the world. I want people to feel the joy of serving others. My goal for the year is to help my division come up with some fun service projects to help that come true. I’m most excited for Winter Board so I can finally meet the District Board and be able to learn more of our district.

Region 6 Division 18N

Austin Urbanski



Region 6 Division 18S

Elie Lam



Region 2 Division 19

Peggy Dodd


Hey T-O! My name is Peggy Dodd, and its an honor to serve as the LTG for Division 19! I go to Jones High School, where I’m currently a senior. I hope to go to college to earn a degree in Journalism and carry on my love for impacting the world and the lives of others. This year, my biggest goal is serve my division well and be a helpful source of information for my clubs. Stay safe, happy, and healthy!

Region 6 Division 20

Kayte Roller



Region 2 Division 21




Region 8 Division 23

Anna Ngo


Hi guys! My name is Anna Ngo, and I am the Division 23 Lieutenant Governor! When I’m not busy doing Key Club or school work I love to go out and just explore and try new places or foods. I also love making useless things from TikTok or hanging out with my friends! I will be a senior at Garland High School this year, and I am our class president. I am also apart of the Garland swim team, and if I’m not at school, you’ll find me at the pool! 🙂 My goals for my division this year are to help all my clubs become more active and help them continue to serve their communities through this tough year! I want to know that when my term is over that this division will continue to thrive and do great things! I am so excited this year to see all the creative ways and ideas that my division and district will come up with to overcome the challenges that have been thrown at us! I can’t wait to see how much my division will become closer and grow together!

Region 11 Division 24N




Region 11 Division 24S

Katherine Ortiz-Fernandez



Region 3 Division 25N

Luke Baber



Region 3 Division 25W

Viranda Kwok


Hey T-O! I’m super stoked to see the comeback of Key Club and how we’re all not only going to make up for the lost time, but succeed past excellence this year! Although this year will be tough, I know that all of us are capable of awesome accomplishments and I can not wait to see what we can do! My goal this year is to make volunteering accessible to everyone at home and in person during these harsh times and to lighten up my community with service! If you ever want to reach out, please do, I would love to hear from fellow Key Clubbers or Juniors about any of your trials and accomplishments! Stay safe everyone!!

Region 10 Division 26




Region 13 Division 28

Pranav Gupta


Hello! My name is Pranav Gupta, and I’m pumped to serve as a lieutenant governor for my second year in a row. I enjoy playing tennis, video games, and, of course, volunteering. I currently go to Goose Creek Memorial high school where I am in Key Club, NHS, Math Club, and NAHS. My biggest goal this year is to help my division such that they are more involved in the district and international level. As a senior, I am here to create memories and have fun, all while helping serve my home, school, and community.

Region 2 Division 30

Anh Tran



Region 3 Divisions 25S/31

Joseph Ye



Region 9 Division 32

Tiffany Doan


Hello! I’m Tiffany Doan, and I’m currently the Division 32 LtG for the year 2020-2021. Some qualities or traits that make up who I am include a liking towards animals, a desire to help, and a sprinkle of goofiness. I’m a rising senior from Garland High School and have been in Key Club since my freshman year. As an LtG, my primary goal is to help the clubs in my division succeed. However, I’d also like to work with the Kiwanis to potentially charter another member in the K-family organization. There’s plenty of exciting things for this year, but I’m most excited for LEDCON 2021!

Region 10 Division 34

Haley Linscott



Region 11 Division 38




Region 7 Division 39N

Valerie Hennessee


What’s up y’all! I’m Val Hennessee, and I’m the LTG over Division 39N! When I’m not working on key club, I enjoy walks with my doggie, Bobby, and cooking food by myself! I’m a junior at Arlington High School, and I am enrolled in choir, engineering, and way too many AP classes! During this year, I really want to build up and steady my division! My officers are the best around, and I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated group! Love y’all!

Region 7 Division 39S

Camilla Brown


Hey T-O District! My name is Camilla Brown, and I am excited to be your Division 39S Lieutenant Governor this year. When I have spare time, I love to hang out with friends, read dystopian novels, and jam out to Broadway musicals. I’m a senior at Mansfield Legacy High School, where I spend the majority of my time chilling in the Speech and Debate class and avoiding cramped hallways. This year, I hope to help my division establish even better relationships with our nearby K-Family clubs and encourage our upperclassmen to join CKI after graduating. We have awesome Kiwanis support throughout our District! I am extremely honored to be your Division 39S LTG.

Region 2 Division 40W

Sana Arshad



Region 2 Division 40E

Michael Chapple



2020-2021 Kiwanis Committee on Key Club

District Administrator

Kenyon Black



District Assistant Administrator on Events

Kelly Poland


Hello Texas-Oklahoma! I am Kelly Poland and I’ve recently been named the Acting Administrator for our District. I’ve been involved with Key Club on various levels since 1998 when my children were in high school. I love hanging with my family and friends and working with Key Clubbers. I truly believe the tenet of Kiwanis that I can change the world one child and one community at a time.

2020-2021 Regional Advisors

Region 1

Olin Norrid



Region 2

Abby Stewart-Handrahan



Region 3

Blake Rolller



Region 5

Tyler Thompson



Region 6

Rafael Santos



Region 7

Melissa Greene



Regions 8/9

Dennis Hogan



Region 10

Kristina Jacobson



Region 11

Adrian Thompson


Hey! I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where I began my K-Family involvement as a member of the Patterson High School Key Club, which was sponsored by the Highlandtown Kiwanis Club in East Baltimore. With service in my heart, I was quickly elected to serve as the Patterson High School Key Club President, then elected to the post of Lt. Governor for Division 6-12 which covered Baltimore City and Baltimore County. After servicing as Lt. Governor I was encouraged by my fellow Key Clubbers to run for Governor of the Capital District, so I did. After an exciting election, I was elected Governor of Capital District Key Club. In my professional career, I have been an HR Generalist, Staffing Manager, Training Manager, and currently am a Homeowners Association Manager. I am excited to come back to the Kiwanis Family and I’m looking forward to broadening my Kiwanis career by serving as a Kiwanis Advisor for the Cedars International Next Generation High School Key Club and becoming a Regional Advisor for Region 11 of the Texas-Oklahoma Key Club District.

Region 12

Judy Pomorski


Hi everyone, my name is Judy Pomorski and I am very encouraged by this year’s District Board. We have some very smart and innovative members, and it’s a pleasure to see their ideas take shape and their generosity move into local communities. I think that all of us have good intentions, but Key Club gives us the opportunity to put those ideas in motion. Thanks for being wonderful inspiration.

Region 12

Shane Miller


Hi! I’m Shane Miller and I’m one of the Regional Advisers for Region 10. I’m a Houston-based Land Ownership Representative at Chevron. In 2002-2003, I was lucky enough to be an International Trustee on the Key Club International Board and to be assigned Texas-Oklahoma District. Little did I know I’d be a redcoat years later! I enjoy the arts (I’m a member of the Board of Trustees of both the Houston Symphony and Houston Ballet) and almost anything outdoors. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with the amazing group of LTGs and Staff that make up the District Board as they continue to make Texas-Oklahoma Key Club amazing.

Region 14

Jaime Miranda


Saludos All! I am Jaime Miranda, Regional Advisor for Region 14 in Deep South Texas: home of Great tacos and and the best Panchos in the area. I have been a member of the K-Family for a while, first as a Key Clubber in High School and most recently as a member of the Kiwanis Club of Edinburg. I’ve had the distinction of being selected by my home club (Edinburg, TX) as Kiwanian of The Year in 2010-11. I have served my home club as a member of the Board of Directors and as current club secretary. I was also named Division Club Counselor in 2014-17. As Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor, I was recognized by the Kiwanis International Foundation for helping my Division meet the 2013-14, and 2014-15 President’s Challenge. I also serve the Texas Oklahoma district as a Reginal trainer for leadership training. I am a retired citizen soldier, having served 20 years as a member of the Texas Army National Guard with federal tours in Japan and Afghanistan. I retired from the military in 2008. I currently work for The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, as Director of the College Assistance Migrant Program- Edinburg, a program designed to help migrant and seasonal farm worker students transition in college.

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