District Governor

Lilian Thai


Hey Key Clubbers! My name is Lilian Thai and I’m super excited to be the 2021-2022 T-O District Governor. I am a rising junior at Garland High School in Texas and have been in Key Club since my freshman year. I served as the lieutenant governor of divisions 12/22 & 35 last year and am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to serve as District Governor this upcoming year. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and drinking boba. Some of my goals this year include linking and expanding the district, while advocating for service and driving the board to stay motivated. I can’t wait to serve alongside y’all this year and feel free to reach out if you ever need anything!

District Secretary

Ginna Galindo Gomez


Hello T-O! I’m Ginna Galindo Gomez, District Secretary for 2021-2022. I am beyond excited for this year! I have many things planned for the secretaries this year. A brief introduction of myself, I joined Key Club my freshman year and fell in love. I will be a Senior at Weatherford High School. My hobbies are watching anime, singing, and working out. My goals for they year is to increase monthly report rates by making the duties of the secretaries easier, updating resources for secretaries, and staying in contact with all secretaries. We have strived through a difficult year, but I believe we can make it out stronger T-Ogether.

District Treasurer

Makayla Hsieh


Hello hello T-O! I’m Makayla Hsieh and I am thrilled to serve as your District Treasurer for the 2021-22 Key Club Year! I am a rising senior at Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. I love to thrift, dance, and make new friends! I’ll have dancing sessions when I’m either giddy or stressed, and I hope I can show off my cool moves to y’all at LEDCON! As DT, I will mainly work to increase the T-O District’s membership this year with the membership committee. Additionally, I would like to continue our District’s legacy on the YOF Grant and make sure club treasurers submit their dues on time! I’m so ready to create great bonds with the T-O Board and my fellow treasurers this year! Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or you just want to talk, and I shall greet you with smiles and random emojis!!

District Editor

Anushka Ranjan


Hey T-O! My name is Anushka Ranjan, and I am incredibly excited to serve as your District Editor for the 2021-2022 Key Club term! Currently, I’m a rising senior at Goose Creek Memorial High School. Outside of Key Club, some of my favorite activities are watching horror movies, playing tennis, and eating chocolate chip cookies. I also love listening to music and am always looking for song recommendations! My main goals are to strengthen our Key Club community and help editors delve deeper into their roles. Please feel free to contact me if you need absolutely anything; let’s make this a memorable year for Key Club!

Convention Liaison

Val Hennessee


Hey T-O! My name is Val Hennessee and i’ll be your Convention Liaison for the 2021-2022 Key Club year! I’m a current senior at Arlington High School, and I am a total nerd. I love choir, engineering, math, archery, and, of course, Key Club! This year, I want to increase the amount of scholarships raised and the number of clubs that attend LEDCON as well as help create an unforgettable LEDCON theme. I’m hoping to make this year one for the books, and I’m excited to start this journey with you all! Please reach out if you ever need anything, and remember that our service is best done T-Ogether :)!

Technology Producer

Noah Obuya


Hey y’all, I’m Noah Obuya, your Tech Producer for this year! I’m a senior at Mansfield Lake Ridge High School that loves plants and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Outside of Key Club, I’m involved in band, NHS, Minorities in STEM, and some other of my school’s various programs. Before becoming Tech Producer, I was my school’s webmaster for a year, then moving up to LTG, only for a month, before I was appointed to the position of Tech Producer. As Tech Producer my main goals are to increase the amount and type of videos we upload to Youtube, get some posts uploaded to our Twitter and TikTok, and aid Key Club Webmasters/ Editors in finding a posting style they enjoy. I can’t wait for all the things I see from T-O this year and I hope I can make you guys proud throughout my term and make a long-lasting impact that makes future boards proud as well.

International Trustee

The Carolinas, Kentucky-Tennessee, and Texas-Oklahoma Sistrict

Salma Eldeeb


Hello! My name is Salma Eldeeb, and I am beyond excited to be your International Trustee for the 2020-2021 year. If you didn’t already know, our Sistricts this year are the Carolinas and Kentucky-Tennessee. Outside of Key Club, I love to paint and write. You can usually find me creating yet another extremely specific Spotify playlist. I am a junior in the IB program at Spruce Creek High School in Florida and am part of my school’s art club and Science Olympiad! I hope to increase member and Board interactions between different Districts and educate clubs on Intersectional projects / fundraisers this year. I can’t wait to meet and get to know the Texas-Oklahoma District!

2021-2022 Committee Chairs

Contests and Awards Committee

Jonathon Perez


Hello! My name is Jonathan Perez, and I’m the proud Chairman of the Contest and Award Committee. Our amazing members include LTG’s Mitha Ananth, Akshaya Chandra, Tyler Doan, Shreyan Katta, and Kawsar Yasin, as well as Convention Liaison Valaire Hennessee and District Tech Producer Noah Obuya. Our job as the Contest and Awards Committee is to ensure the Code of Contest and Awards is updated and improved to make participating as easy as possible. We also oversee and run the award presentations and contests at LEDCON. From here on out we plan on continuously amending and revising the Contest and Awards Code, providing new contest resources for T-O, and making the contest registration as easy as possible. The Contest and Awards Committee is beyond excited for this year, and we hope that we can encourage more clubs to participate and help make LEDCON a blast!


Governor’s Project Committee

Sheena Vaghela


Hey T-O! My name is Sheena Vaghela and I will be serving as your 2021-2022 Governor’s Project Committee Chairwoman. The members of this committee include Akshaya Chandrashekhar, Minori Kikuchi, Jenny Khun, Lauren St. Clair, as well as our District Staff and advisors, Lilian Thai, Makayla Hsieh, Dennis Hogan, Olin Norrid, and Kenyon Black. This committee’s main responsibility revolves around this year’s Governor’s Project, “Crafting A Brighter Future.” This project is geared towards promoting art and creativity among the youth. Art allows for self-expression and has several emotional and psychological benefits. We hope to encourage T-O to serve creatively and promote arm within their school and community!

General Public Relations Committee

Annie Nguyen


Hey T-O! My name is Annie Nguyen, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve as the Chairwoman for the General Public Relations committee this year! I’m excited to work alongside our amazing Committee Members (Amy Ha, Jennifer Huang, Jose Mariscal, Kawsar Yasin, Khushi Parekh), District Staff (Anushka Ranjan & Noah Obuya), and Kiwanis Advisors (Keisha Jones & Kristina Jacobson). This Key Club term, the GPR and EPR committees are working together as one joint committee! The General Public Relations Committee in particular is responsible for keeping members informed and updated of District and International happenings, mainly through social media. Throughout the year, our committee will be working hard to keep T-O’s social media platforms up-to-date, informative, and interactive. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to our committee at any time, and we look forward to seeing all the amazing things T-O will accomplish this year 🙂


Membership Committee

Atharv Shinde

ltg4@tokeyclub.com or ltg6@tokeyclub.com

Howdy T-O Key Clubbers! My name is Atharv Shinde, and I am the chairman of the Membership Committee. Our committee consists of some awesome LTGs from across the board, including Dylan Dam, Matthew Spivey, Tyler Doan, Mitha Ananth, and Walker Blackmon. The committee is also aided by District Treasurer Makayla Hsieh, Regional Advisor Rafael Santos, and Regional Advisor Jaime Miranda. The purpose and work of our committee is purposed around creating and distributing resources for all of the clubs in our beautiful District to help them increase membership and keep members engaged throughout the year. These resources will be posted as flyers, notes, forums, and posters throughout our Instagram and website. This year we aim to increase our districtwide membership to 15,000 members and establish a T-O Hotline on our website to keep each member engaged with the district. We look forward to accomplishing these goals with the help every Key-Clubber in the district! One of our major projects this year, the T-O Hotline, is an upcoming feature on the website which will be created in partnership with the District Staff and Administrators. The goal of the T-O Hotline is to provide an easy and quick way for members to ask their questions and receive answers in a reasonable time period, place their recommendations on how we can improve as district, and engage with other members around the district. This feature will be regulated by the Membership Committee along with the District Staff. Another one of our major goals is to help each one of our amazing Key Clubs return to running efficiently and better than ever after a year filled with obstacles such as the pandemic. We plan on doing this by sending out monthly resources and ideas to help recruit members and help keep clubs organized as well as keep them active throughout the year. As a committee, we are excited for this upcoming year and are looking forward to implementing brand new ideas that you guys have. So we encourage you all to reach out to us or the District Staff and let us know how we can make this year an amazing one for everybody!

Regulations, Elections, and Credentials Committee

Viranda Kwok


Hiya T-O! First off, I want to thank my members LTG Jeremiah Palma, Khushi Parekh, Lauren St. Clair, Matthew Spivey, and Minori Kikuchi. Thank you to our District Secretary, Ginna Galindo, and our District Governor, Lilian Thai. And last but not least, I also want to give thanks to our advisors, Shane Miller and Tyler Thompson, and our Assistant District Administrator Kelly Poland along with our District Administrator Kenyon Black. We have been working all year to make sure all clubs in the Texas-Oklahoma District are as productive as possible. This means we revise the bylaws, interpret the bylaws, keep meetings in order, and make our resources more accessible. In order to do so, we are creating a Bylaws 101 resource for all things that club officers and advisors would need to know whether it be when payments are due or how to run for a district position. Another one of our responsibilities is to oversee the District Staff voting process at LEDCON so for all incoming delegates, get ready to get super familiar with your REC committee members!

Events Public Relations

Graciela Bachu


Howdy, T-O! My name is Graciela Bachu, some people call me “Ella,” and I’m the chairwoman of the Event Public Relations Committee. I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with our Committee Members (Lt. Governors Amy Ha, Jennifer Huang, Jose Mariscal, Kawsar Yasin, and Khushi Parekh), Staff (District Editor Anushka Ranjan and Tech Producer Noah Obuya), and Regional Advisors (Keisha Jones and Kristina Jacobson). We, as the Event Public Relations Committee, also known as EPR, work to promote District Events — like Fall Rally and LEDCON (Leadership and Education District Convention) — with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness at and attendance of these events. So, stay tuned for updates on our two big events: LEDCON and Fall Rally. As a District Board, we aim to make this year’s events as big and as memorable as we possibly can in order to make up for the lack of in-person events for the past two years. To do this, we’ll be working on both familiar and new + creative projects for this year’s events. If you have any critiques, suggestions, or ideas on current promotion or promotional materials that you’d like to see, email me at ltg3s@tokeyclub.com!

2020-2021 Lieutenant Governors

Region 7 Division 1

Jonathan Perez


Hey T-O! How’s it going? My name is Jonathan Perez and I am the returning lieutenant governor for Division 1. I am currently a Junior at Cleburne high School in Texas, where I am involved in a number of organizations including Key Club! In my free time you can find me hanging out with friends, listening to music, shopping, and occasionally making crafts. I hope to help my clubs fully recover from COVID, as well as raise activity and participation throughout the year. In addition, as Chairman of the Contest and Awards Committee, I hope to fully prepare for all contests in order to make this year’s LEDCON the best yet. I am looking forward to working with the board and hopefully seeing everyone at LEDCON!

Region 8 Division 2N

Kayla Ngo



Region 8 Division 2S

Dylan Dam


Hi guys! I’m Dylan Dam and I am the new Lieutenant Governor of divisions 2S and 32 for the year of 2021-2022. Some things about myself: I really like playing tennis, video games, and piano in my free time. I was appointed as the earlier this year, and while I am still new to all of this, I promise to help each and everyone one of you to the best of my abilities for the rest of the 2021-2022 school year. So excited to work with y’all!


Region 12 Division 3C

Annie Nguyễn


Hey T-O! My name is Annie Nguyen, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as the Division 3C Lieutenant Governor for the 2021-22 term. I’m a current junior at Cypress Lakes High School in Houston, Texas, and have been in Key Club since my freshman year. In my free time, I love making specific Spotify playlists, watching K-dramas, and playing around with graphic design! Some of my goals this year are to encourage more clubs to get more involved with our district and expand our Kiwanis family. I cannot wait to see all the great things this Key Club term has in store for us <3

Region 12 Division 3N

Ben Lai



Region 12 Division 3W

Anika Akdar


Hey! My name is Anika Adkar and I am the LTG for Division 3 West for the 2021-2022 term. I am currently a Senior at Bridgeland High School and I have enjoyed being part of Key Club since my freshman year. Some of my hobbies include playing the viola and piano, watching netflix, drinking boba, and spending time with friends. Some of my goals include increasing the number of Builders and K-Kids Clubs in my division as well as in the District, through the K-Family and International Relations Committee. I hope to continue meeting more Key Club members throughout my term in my DCMs, and other divisional events!

Region 12 Division 3S

Vincent Pham


Hello everyone! My name is Vincent Pham.


Region 12 Division 3S

Graciela Bachu


Howdy T-O! I’m Graciela, some people call me “Ella,” and I’m absolutely stoked to be the Division 3S Lieutenant Governor. Fun fact: My goal in life to become the best version of myself that I possibly can be guides all my decisions. My “Key Club Journey” began at Harmony School of Innovation – Sugarland where I focus a lot of my time on volleyball and the Technology Student Association. This year, my goal as Lieutenant Governor is to provide an organized and efficient system to serve as a strong foundation for club officers to build on in order for 3S to become the best version of itself. I’m most looking forward to LEDCON 2021 because I know, by that time, I’ll have gained tons of knowledge and friends through the experience of being on the District Board and given back that wealth of knowledge to 3S as well!

Region 14 Divisions 4/6

Atharv Shinde


Hey T-O! My name is Atharv Shinde and I am electrified to serve as the LTG for Divisions 4 and 6! In my free time I love to play tennis, basketball, video games, and volunteer around my city. I am currently a senior Goose Creek Memorial High School and am a part of Key Club, NHS, StuCo, and Math Club. This year my goal is to increase club participation and spread the love of community service throughout my division. Since it is my last year in high school, I am all about having fun and I cannot wait to meet everyone at LEDCON!

Region 11 Division 5

Mitha Ananth



Region 1 Divisions 7/33




Region 9 Division 8

Mattew Spivey


Hi Key Clubbers! My name is Matthew Spivey

Region 12 Division 9E

Tyler Doan


Howdy! My name is Tyler Doan

Region 12 Division 9W



Hello T-O Key Clubs!

Region 13 Division 10

Sheena Vaghela


Hey T-O! My name is Sheena Vaghela and I’m currently the Division 10 LTG for the 2021-2022 year. I’m currently a junior at Garland High School and a little bit about me is that I am a part of a plethora of extracurriculars at my school and in my free time, I love to make art, play tennis, watch Netflix, hang out with friends, and catch up on sleep. My goal for the year is to help in every possible way I can help to make my clubs succeed and I’m super excited for LEDCON 2022!


Region 14 Division 11

Jose Mariscal


Howdy T-O! My name is Jose Mariscal and I’m currently the Lieutenant Governor of Division 11 in Region 14! I attend IDEA North Mission College Preparatory, where I’m currently a Senior. I am beyond excited to serve as a returning LTG this year and see the growth in my division and Key Club as a whole. This year one of my main goals is to have the majority of my clubs in the top 25 while also being able to charter 2 new key clubs within my division.


Region 5 Divisions 12/22/35

Kailey Patterson

ltg12@tokeyclub.com and ltg22@tokeyclub.com and ltg35@tokeyclub.com



Region 9 Division 13




Region 10 Division 14

Akshaya Chandra


Hi everybody! I am Akshaya Chandra, the Lieutenant Governor of Division 14. I am so honored and excited to serve as a Lieutenant Governor this year! I am a currently a junior at Garland High School. Outside of Key Club, I’m involved in HOSA, mock trial, and several other clubs. My biggest goal this year is to maintain communication with all of the clubs in my division. This year I am most excited for LEDCON!


Region 2 Division 16

Steven Fu



Region 6 Division 17




Region 6 Division 18N

Walker Blackmon



Region 6 Division 18S

Julian Garcia


Howdy! My name is Julian Garcia & I’m Lieutenant Governor of Region 6 Division 18 South! I attend Wichita Falls High School & will be a senior for the 2021-2022 school year. Outside of Key Club, I serve as my National Honor Society’s Vice President, and my Student Councils District Representative. In my free time, I like to sing, play video games, & watch ANIME! My goal for this year is to increase divisional attendance at LEDCON & I cannot wait to attend WINBO in January to see my fellow Board members!


Region 2 Division 19

Jennifer Huang


Hey T-O!

Region 6 Division 20




Region 2 Division 21




Region 8 Division 23

Minori Kikuchi


Hi T-O! I am Minori Kikuchi, and I’m serving as the Lieutenant Governor of district 23. I am currently a sophomore at Garland High School, and am really excited to be working with you all! In my free time, I like to play Animal Crossing, occasionally do some thrift flipping, and very rarely play viola. I want to help the clubs in my division to succeed, and am looking forward to spending the rest of the year with Key Club!

Region 11 Division 24N




Region 11 Division 24S

Jenny Kuhn



Region 3 Division 25N

Ainsley Smith



Region 3 Division 25W

Viranda Kwok


HHiya T-O! My name is Viranda from Jenks High School and I’ve been a Lieutenant Governor since my sophomore year (I’m a senior now so I’m old!!). Currently, I serve as the Division 25W LTG and I act as your Recreations, Elections, and Credentials committee chairwoman. I look forward to planning and attending LEDCON 2022 and I hope to see you all there! For you delegates, I will be seeing you guys around when we get into voting (don’t be scared!! I swear I don’t bite). If you’re bored one day, feel free to shoot me an email and let’s talk! ltg25w@tokeyclub.com

Region 10 Division 26

Ruthvic Jonna



Region 13 Division 28

Jeremiah Palma


Hello! My name is Jeremiah Palma and I am the Lieutenant Governor for Division 28! I am a senior and J. Frank Dobie High School in Houston, TX. My goal for this year is to see all the clubs in my division attend LEDCON! I wish everyone a safe and great year of service!

Region 2 Division 30

Anh Tran



Region 3 Divisions 25S/31

Khushi Parekh

ltg25S@tokeyclub.com and ltg31@tokeyclub.com


Region 9 Division 32

Dylan Dam


Hi guys! I’m Dylan Dam and I am the new Lieutenant Governor of divisions 2S and 32 for the year of 2021-2022. Some things about myself: I really like playing tennis, video games, and piano in my free time. I was appointed as the earlier this year, and while I am still new to all of this, I promise to help each and everyone one of you to the best of my abilities for the rest of the 2021-2022 school year. So excited to work with y’all!

Region 10 Division 34

Kawsar Yasin



Region 11 Division 38

Shreyan Katta



Region 7 Division 39N



What’s up y’all!

Region 7 Division 39S

Lauren St. Clair


Hello! My name is Lauren St. Clair, and I am the Division 39S LTG. I’m a senior at Mansfield Lake Ridge HS, and previously served as my club’s editor and president for some time. I love running, swimming, spending time with my family and friends, and volunteering. One of my primary goals as a LTG is to foster more inter-club volunteering opportunities and bonding experiences, and I am so excited to get those going. I look forward to working with each of y’all throughout the course of this year!

Region 2 Division 40W

Sana Arshad



Region 2 Division 40E

Amy Ha


Hey everyone! My name’s Amy Ha and I’m the lieutenant governor of Division 40E! This year, I am a junior at Mustang High School. Along with LTG, I also serve as National Honor Society Vice President and Co-Captain of my school’s robotics team, FRC 3464 Omega Factor. Besides from volunteering, I love to create art and make music! And play video games on PC, when I have the time. My goal as an LTG is to serve you all to the best of my ability and make sure you have the tools and tips you need to reach success!

2020-2021 Kiwanis Committee on Key Club

District Administrator

Kenyon Black



District Assistant Administrator on Events

Kelly Poland


Hello Texas-Oklahoma! I am Kelly Poland and I’ve recently been named the Acting Administrator for our District. I’ve been involved with Key Club on various levels since 1998 when my children were in high school. I love hanging with my family and friends and working with Key Clubbers. I truly believe the tenet of Kiwanis that I can change the world one child and one community at a time.

2020-2021 Regional Advisors

Region 1

Olin Norrid



Region 2

Abby Stewart-Handrahan




Region 3

Blake Rolller


Blake is originally from the Tri-Cities area of East Tennessee’s Appalachian Highlands where he was the District Governor of the Kentucky-Tennessee District during his Key Club years. He went on to attend the University of Tennessee where he majored in Political Science and restarted the CKI chapter there, going on the be District Governor for 2 years. After a stint working in state politics in Nashville, he moved to Auburn University to obtain a Master’s in Higher Education Administration. He then spent two semesters in Seoul, Korea as an English teacher before settling in 2019 at Oklahoma State University where he is now an area coordinator in student housing and member of the Stillwater Kiwanis Club.

Region 5

Tyler Thompson



Region 6

Rafael Santos



Region 7

Leticia Esparza



Region 8

Dennis Hogan



Regions 9

Keisha Jones



Region 10

Kristina Jacobson



Region 11

Adrian Thompson


Hey! I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where I began my K-Family involvement as a member of the Patterson High School Key Club, which was sponsored by the Highlandtown Kiwanis Club in East Baltimore. With service in my heart, I was quickly elected to serve as the Patterson High School Key Club President, then elected to the post of Lt. Governor for Division 6-12 which covered Baltimore City and Baltimore County. After servicing as Lt. Governor I was encouraged by my fellow Key Clubbers to run for Governor of the Capital District, so I did. After an exciting election, I was elected Governor of Capital District Key Club. In my professional career, I have been an HR Generalist, Staffing Manager, Training Manager, and currently am a Homeowners Association Manager. I am excited to come back to the Kiwanis Family and I’m looking forward to broadening my Kiwanis career by serving as a Kiwanis Advisor for the Cedars International Next Generation High School Key Club and becoming a Regional Advisor for Region 11 of the Texas-Oklahoma Key Club District.

Region 12

Judy Pomorski


Hi everyone, my name is Judy Pomorski and I am very encouraged by this year’s District Board. We have some very smart and innovative members, and it’s a pleasure to see their ideas take shape and their generosity move into local communities. I think that all of us have good intentions, but Key Club gives us the opportunity to put those ideas in motion. Thanks for being wonderful inspiration.

Region 12

Shane Miller


Hi! I’m Shane Miller and I’m one of the Regional Advisers for Region 10. I’m a Houston-based Land Ownership Representative at Chevron. In 2002-2003, I was lucky enough to be an International Trustee on the Key Club International Board and to be assigned Texas-Oklahoma District. Little did I know I’d be a redcoat years later! I enjoy the arts (I’m a member of the Board of Trustees of both the Houston Symphony and Houston Ballet) and almost anything outdoors. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with the amazing group of LTGs and Staff that make up the District Board as they continue to make Texas-Oklahoma Key Club amazing.

Region 14

Jaime Miranda


Saludos All! I am Jaime Miranda, Regional Advisor for Region 14 in Deep South Texas: home of Great tacos and and the best Panchos in the area. I have been a member of the K-Family for a while, first as a Key Clubber in High School and most recently as a member of the Kiwanis Club of Edinburg. I’ve had the distinction of being selected by my home club (Edinburg, TX) as Kiwanian of The Year in 2010-11. I have served my home club as a member of the Board of Directors and as current club secretary. I was also named Division Club Counselor in 2014-17. As Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor, I was recognized by the Kiwanis International Foundation for helping my Division meet the 2013-14, and 2014-15 President’s Challenge. I also serve the Texas Oklahoma district as a Reginal trainer for leadership training. I am a retired citizen soldier, having served 20 years as a member of the Texas Army National Guard with federal tours in Japan and Afghanistan. I retired from the military in 2008. I currently work for The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, as Director of the College Assistance Migrant Program- Edinburg, a program designed to help migrant and seasonal farm worker students transition in college.

Hospitality Manager

Beverly Hogan