What to expect at DCON 2017!

What to expect at DCON 2017!

Welcoming Activity Canned Foods

Welcoming Activity Canned Food TowerIn our Wizarding World of Service, service is imperative to our convention and nowhere else can this be found other than Welcoming Activity at our convention. Engage with other house peers and participants in cool activities that will leave you making new friends such as our inflatables, games, and photo setup surely to make memories with your newly bonded peers.

At Welcoming Activity you will have the opportunity with your club to give back to our community and one way we’re doing that is through your club bringing canned foods. Any canned foods will work and will be highly appreciated. Through your club bringing cans at our Welcoming Activity, points for your house that each attendee will be sorted into will be awarded! Attendees will also have the opportunity with these cans to bring our Wizarding World to life by creating breathtaking towers, castles, and anything magical alike and we’ll even post them on our social media. Let the house with the most cans win!


Movie Night

DCON Movie NightHave nothing to do after Opening Session on Friday night? For the very first time, we’ll be showing a spellbinding movie that you and your fellow wizards can all watch together. Interact with other attendees at convention by attending our Movie Night that will occur Friday night at DCON.





Welcoming Activity Costume

DCON 2017 Costume Welcoming ActivityEver wanted to go all out at a movie premier and dress up? Here’s the perfect time – we highly encourage every attendee to outdo themselves and wear a costume that will be held during the DCON Welcoming Activity! Dress up like any character that you think falls into the category of “The Wizarding World of Service!” Maybe a wizard or witch? Maybe a mystical creature? Are you ready to show us what you got?

Get out there to participate in our Welcoming Activity by showing the pride of convention by wearing a costume, represent your house, and win points! No need to enter anything. Just show up for the Welcoming Activity on Thursday dressed in the theme and get ready to have a blast!

For general convention-related questions, please contact the 2016-2017 T-O District Convention Liaison, Chris Do, at CL@tokeyclub.com. For questions specifically related to the convention registration process, email DCON@tokeyclub.com. For any questions related to contest and awards, email CONTESTS@tokeyclub.com.

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