Top 5 Projects- June

Top 5 Projects- June

The following are the Top 5 Projects from the June 2015 Reports. Great job to all of these schools for the fantastic work they have done in their communities. All of these are phenomenal projects that you and your club should definitely think about doing! Feel free to read about all of these projects and possibly use them in the future.

Battered Women’s Shelter: Once a week, the members of Summer Creek High School visit their local Battered Women’s shelter. The women that live in the shelter usually have children who also live there with them. Because the children typically don’t have many opportunities to have fun with friends, the Key Clubbers plan activities to do with the children while the mothers are at therapy. Activities such as bracelet making, watercolor painting, and other arts and crafts are done. The Summer Creek High School Key Clubbers love to put smiles on the little kids’ faces! (President Victoria Carr & Secretary Bridget Davies)

Father’s Day Celebration at Veteran’s Center: Eisenhower High School Key Clubbers organized a Father’s Day celebration for veterans at a nearby Veteran’s Center. Before attending this event, members spent time hand making Father’s Day cards for the veterans. Upon arrival at the center, members handed out ice cream, cake, and the hand made cards to the veterans. The club enjoyed visiting and listening to stories from the retired military men. (President Vanessa Shott & Secretary Diana To)

Some Other Place (S.O.P.): Members from West Brook High School helped at their local soup kitchen in Beaumont to provide hot meals to the homeless people in their community. The Key Club members prepared lunches all morning and then handed out the food to the line of people who need this service. (President Julia Moyers & Secretary Kennie Merbach)

Red Rock Parent Group: Members of Weatherford High School Key Club attended Parent Night, an event put on by a branch of the Red Rock Behavioral Health Services called Systems of Care (SOC). Parent Night is a monthly get together put on to strengthen the bond between families. Workers talk to the parents and teach them important parenting skills for working with their children who have mental and behavioral issues such as OCD, ADD, ADHD, and autism. The Key Clubbers focus on playing with the children and encouraging them to have fun and get along with the others. Not only do they aid in creating social skills for the children, they also act as a role model and friend to them as well. (President Victoria Lingle & Secretary Kayla Jackson)

K2 Academy Respite Parents’ Night Out: Key Clubbers of Cypress Creek High School were partnered up with a child that has disabilities such as autism or down’s syndrome, fine or motor behavioral issues, etc. and played with them during activities such as coloring and jumping on the trampoline. The children were given the opportunity to have new experiences and interact with friendly individuals that promote better communication skills while their parents enjoyed a night out enjoying their free time. (President Aish Gatiganti and Secretary Timothy Yang)


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