Top 5 Projects – June

Top 5 Projects – June

The following are the Top 5 projects from the June reports. Congratulations to all the clubs listed on your outstanding service! These projects are great ideas for any club to use. Please read them and use these as ideas for service projects for your club:

Fort Bend Library SaleClements Key Club helped out their local library sell books to the general public. They helped put up flyers advertising the event as well as helped unpack books from storage and sort them by genre and the author’s last name for the book sale. During the event key clubbers helped keep the books restocked and organized until the end of the event, in which they helped condense the left over books and clean up the surrounding area.

Summer Reading ProgramEarly Key Club helped their local public library in their summer reading program. Key Clubbers helped sign in to the program as well as prepare them for the reading program. Members help get children interested in reading by reading books to the younger children on a weekly basis.

Pet PalsJenks Key Club volunteered at various locations around Tulsa working and aiding pets. Key Clubbers helped out with other volunteers with the caretaking of animals that have been neglected and badly abused. Members helped with cleaning cages, walking dogs, and loving the animals under their care.

Park ProjectMansfield Summit Key Club helped clean up and beautify their local park. Key Clubbers helped paint the fence surrounding the park as well as clean trash around the park to help enhance and encourage more people to go outside and to go to the park.

ICanBikeUplift Summit International Key Club helped encourage and keep watch of children diagnosed with Down Syndrome as they learn how to ride a bike.  Members worked one on one with each individual to insure each one learned the necessary skills to ride a bike, bike safety, as well as making sure the children had a blast while learning how to ride a bike. 

Keep up the amazing Texas-Oklahoma service! I can’t wait to see what other service projects you guys participate in next month!

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