Top 5 Projects- January

Top 5 Projects- January

The following are the top 5 projects from the January reports. Congrats to all the clubs listed on your outstanding service! These projects are great ideas for any club to use, whether it be now or later on. Please read them and use these as ideas for next year if you want: 


Super bowl of Caring: Mayde Creek Key Club helped with Super bowl of Caring which is nationwide movement of young people working to fight hunger and poverty around the time of the super bowl football game. In the weeks leading up to Super  bowl game, volunteers sign up to support and encourage shoppers to purchase a prepared bag of groceries, make cash gift at check out or donate money. Usually our local H-E-B & Kroger stores provide opportunity for our community to volunteer or donate money/bags of food. They give 100% of their donation directly to the local hunger relief charity. By: Sarah Ishtiaq


Allen Family Outreach: Allen Key Club helped with The Allen Community Outreach store, it is a great opportunity because the store is a very big part of the Allen community, which helps many families in need. In the same building as the ACO store, there is a door that leads to what is known as the Share N. Care closet. Supplies there included a variety of needs that families in need would need urgently, supplies included: trash bags, diapers, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, home supplies, bathing supplied, etc. There was a large variety of different supplies that were all stacked in different places according to the item. Key Clubbers helped organize supplies and made sure everything was in stock. By: Meri Attaalla​


Teens for Jeans: Members of McKinney Boyd High School Key Club participated in the annual Teens for Jeans campaign by and Aeropostale. To participate in Teens for Jeans, schools around the nation are tasked with collecting the most old/gently used jeans to donate to charity. So far, Boyd Key Club members raised over 400 pairs of jeans by asking around in the community, getting the whole school involved and collaborating with other school clubs like Student Council. The donation bins are always full by the end of the school day due to the dedication and commitment coming from all the members throughout this campaign. By: Maya Eldin


Hopper Saturday Keys: Cypress Springs Key Club has been helping with Hopper Saturday Keys which is a time when junior high school students have an opportunity to study, earn extra credit, and learn with the help of a teacher. As high school students, we know that those younger than us look up to us as role models. As part of Key Club, we serve that purpose by going to Hopper Saturday Keys and assisting them with their schoolwork or concepts they do not understand yet. By: Sarah Nguyen


Infant Crisis Center: Members of Putnam City Key Club went to volunteer at the Infant Crisis Center in January. The members packed baby wipes, tore down and recycled old cardboard boxes, unloaded supplies, labeled and sorted bottles of baby formula, and wiped down the kids playroom.


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