Top 5 Projects- February

Top 5 Projects- February

The following are the top 5 projects from the February reports. This will be the last post this year for the Top 5 Projects. Congrats to all the clubs listed on your awesome service! These projects are great ideas for any club to use, whether it be now or later on. Please read them and use these as ideas for next year if you want: 

K2 Academy: Cypress Falls Key Club participated in K2 Academy Respite Night, which is a monthly event held at a local gymnasium that allows children with special needs to enjoy all the athletic activities of a children’s gym while their parents enjoy a well-deserved night out. Volunteers would arrive at the academy and play with and watch over the participating children for the night. This is truly an amazing event because it gives kids of all ages a chance to hang out with other kids their own age and make new friends, all while doing the activities they love. Children are our future. This event allows us to care for them, especially the ones that most need our help. By: Alea Hon

Carriage Inn: Bryan Key Club members helped with Carriage Inn which is an assisted living home. Many do not receive cards, visitors, or gifts on holidays. We decided that we were going to change that. The Idea was presented during the January meeting, and was overwhelmingly approved. Our plan included cards, homemade cookies, passing out carnations, and spending time with the residents. The residents absolutely loved the fact that someone who they didn’t know cared enough to not only spend time with them but also put forth the effort to make something for them. By: Bridget Vilas

Days of Hunger: Garland Key Club set up Days of Hunger. This project was a 21 hour lock in at the school. Eligible juniors and seniors donated canned foods and did not eat for nearly a day in preservation of hunger awareness. Volunteers were awards for their participation. By: Tiffany Yang

Artist Boat: Ball High Key Club helped with Artist Boat, which is an organization that preserves and raises awareness about the Gulf coast environment. It is a community effort. We planted sea grass on sand dunes to prevent erosion of the Texas shoreline. This will help restore the vegetation on the beach and natural wildlife in the community. We also helped clean the beach, and learned about the importance of preventing erosion so that we can spread awareness about the issue. By: Katie Cromer

Hope Chest: Mustang Key Club loaded up the truck at the warehouse with beds and bedding, and then caravanned to three homes. We set up the beds, and enjoyed the smiles when the kids saw what they got. The Hope Chest director sent us a letter to inform us that after we delivered the bunk beds to one of the houses, the kids cried because they were so amazed and happy that someone cared enough to bring them beds. By: Rosa Tran

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