They Did What? WOW!

Club Officer and Advisor Awards

They Did What? WOW!

     The 2017 Outstanding Officer and Advisor Awards are due by APRIL 6, which is next week! Each section will carry different weights according to which Club Officer/Advisor award. The percentages can be found in the Code of Contests and Awards.
     Here are some of the key aspects that the judges will be looking for in sections that are most common on the applications! The applications can be found in the DCON Resources Package and at the following links:


Only the CLUB PRESIDENT and CLUB FACULTY ADVISOR will complete this section for the Club Officer and the CLUB PRESIDENT or ANY OTHER OFFICER will complete this section for the Faculty Advisor and/or Kiwanis Advisor. There are important points that they should address:
  • Dedication to the club and their duties
  • Cooperation and communication with other club officers, club members, school administration, Kiwanis family, etc.
  • Consistency and quality of performance
  • Participation in service projects and fundraising activities of the club


Take into consideration of your Yearly, Monthly, and even Weekly duties as a Club Officer.
  • CLUB EDITOR: The Club Editor will submit their top 5 newsletters, list date of each newsletter and attach them to the email. The newsletters can be attached as PDFs or be included in the email as Issuu links. Google Drive links/attachments will not be accepted.


The Club Officer has to be as accurate as possible in this section. The number in each box should be a whole number and not a fraction.


This section is used to show if the applicant that they have gone above and beyond and to show what kind of Key Clubber/advisor they are. They can include any service awards, a resume, things they have done to improve or help their club, and overall brag about themselves.


The reference letters can be from their Key Club Advisor, Key Club Lt. Governor, School Principal/Administrator, Kiwanis Club President or any other Key Club Officer in their club. The reference letter can be anything that covers how great of a person, officer/advisor, or other reasons why the applicant should be considered for the award.


This section ONLY pertains to the Club Officer awards. The service hours will only be looked at if there is a tie-breaker!

If there are any Club Officers or Advisors that have any questions, they are free to contact the District Staff who will be a part of the judges!

Be sure that the application and any supplemental items are in ONE email to Get started as soon as possible, that way you and others have time to review your submission before the deadline (APRIL 6, 2017). Best of luck!

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