Task of the Month – November

Task of the Month – November

The Task of the Month for November:

Did your club participate in Key Club Week this year? If so, explain what your club did for each day? If not, write a Thank You letter to a fellow club officer, Faculty/Kiwanis advisor, or other K-Family for their service and leadership and be sure to give the letter to them! Be sure to include a copy of the letter with your report!

Remember to put your division number on the front of your Monthly Report when submitting. Remember to write the number of members on your activity sheet. Also, be sure to send your monthly reports to my home address– not the Immediate Past District Secretary’s address. Thanks!

Remember to mail your monthly reports to this address:

Kennie Merbach
7980 Blue Bonnet St.
Beaumont, TX 77713

Please feel free to contact me at secretary@tokeyclub.com if you have any questions!

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