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Kaitlyn Wilson, District Governor (

Hello T-O District!

I’m Kaitlyn Wilson and it is an honor to be your new Texas-Oklahoma District Governor! I can’t wait to meet all of you! This year we will be incredible, because we will be serving others by working side by side. My main goals are:

  1. Unite the K-Family
  2. Update the District Website
  3. Serve our Communities
  4. Increase our Membership, and
  5. Visit every region.

The 2014-2015 Governors Project is to assist the Children’s Miracle Network. I encourage all of the clubs to get involved with this amazing organization. We are going to have an amazing year together serving our communities!

If you need anything please contact me at I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Now let’s get started in our new year of serving others!

Samuel Kinnin, District Secretary (

Hey T-O Key Clubbers!

My name is Samuel Kinnin and I am so excited to be District Secretary! I look forward to meeting so many people. If you see me don’t be shy! Please stop and say hi. I am always around my phone and will answer your questions or anything else you want to talk about through any source I have. At DCON 2014, I met so many people and I cannot wait to connect with them all and meet others.

A little about myself is I love the colors blue and green, my favorite food would probably be watermelon, and I love to listen to music. By being District Secretary, I hope to help clubs serve to the fullest of their potential. My main goal is to provide help in any way I can. I will be sending feedback each month to help clubs improve on reporting. My other goals are to create a newsletter showcasing clubs, update resources, and every month have a vlog to help answer questions or give tips on reporting. I look forward to a fantastic year of service and I hope you are too!

Yours in Service,
Samuel Kinnin

Samuel Kinnin, District Secretary
323 Garmon Dr.
Early, TX 76802

Colin Gonzalez, District Treasurer (

My name is Colin Gonzalez, your 2014-2015 Texas Oklahoma District Treasurer, and I am ridiculously excited for this Key Club Year! To start, I want all of y’all to feel like I am accessible to you and I am willing to help y’all with anything you need at any time!

I am currently a junior at Mansfield High School, Division 39S, Region 7. I have dedicated my time and effort to Key Club since my freshman year, although I initially joined to learn what Key Club was all about, help others, and hang out with my friends. So naturally when I started I had no idea that Key Club International was a thing, but all that changed after attending my first DCON. This sparked my interest in Key Club and I have only grown my love for this organization since.

Throughout high school I have served as Sophomore Class Director, Club Treasurer, and now District Treasurer. Outside of Key Club I am also involved with National Honor Society and Student Council where I hold the position of Student Body Representative. Despite this other activity involvement, Key Club will ALWAYS take priority over any other organization.

Emily Zhao, District Editor (

Hi T-O Key Clubbers!

I’m Emily Zhao, the 2014-2015 T-O District Editor. I preserve a healthy obsession over the color purple, and I have a refined taste for tomatoes. In addition, I utterly love Key Club! I am absolutely looking forward to a splendid year of diligent work ethic, astounding success, and perpetual memories.

During my term as District Editor, I aim to give feedback to each and every club newsletter. I also hope to further increase the Tex-O-Key audience so that all Key Clubbers across Texas-Oklahoma will utilize it as a helpful resource. In addition, I want to help club editors create beautiful masterpieces of newsletters.

Feel free to invite me to any fundraisers, service projects, and meetings. I’ll try my best to attend these to see all of your magnificent faces! Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions or request feedback on articles and newsletters. I’m always happy to give tips and suggestions to further enhance your publications.

Stay Awesome T-O,
Emily Zhao

Andrew Loh, Convention Liaison (

Hello Texas-Oklahoma Key Clubbers,

My name is Andrew Loh and I will be serving as your 2014-2015 Convention Liaison! I am currently a senior at Mansfield High School and I am so pumped to be working towards creating an unforgettable convention with the rest of the District Board.

For DCON 2015 I have a couple of goals: to increase the hype and excitement about DCON, to pay special attention to the forums taught, to revamp aspects of convention from the Welcoming Activity, to General Sessions, and to downtime in general, to create more promotional items to get more information out, and most importantly, to commemorate 100 years of Kiwanis service worldwide. Don’t forget to keep on serving and I hope to see YOU at DCON 2015!

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