May Suggested Article Prompts

May Suggested Article Prompts

Hello T-O!

Here are the May Suggested Article Prompts:

  1. Describe the Thirst Project and give some different ideas to help support the project.
  2. How does your club build funds over the summer? Give examples and include tips on how to execute these ideas.
  3. Why do you think service during the summer is important?
  4. New officers- what are you most excited about and what are some goals for your year of service?
  5. Returning officers- describe your previous year including the good and the bad, then elaborate on your goals and what you plan to improve on for this new year.

You are always free to write about any Key Club-related topic! The articles should each have at least 1 JPG photo and be sent as Microsoft Word documents. Have the author, school name, division, article title, and prompt/whatever topic you choose at the top of the document. Email May articles by June 5th to with the email subject: Division School May Articles.

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