March Suggested Article Prompts

March Suggested Article Prompts

Howdy Texas-Oklahoma!

Here are the March Suggested Article Prompts:

  1. How does your club recruit and train future officers?
  2. What are you most excited about for the 2017 District Convention “Wizarding World of Service?”
  3. If you participated in DCON 2016, what was your favorite aspect of it? Were there any activities that you would like to see again? What was a surprise?
  4. What is important to know about public speaking? What are some tips? What should you not do?
  5. Why is it important to build relationships with your Kiwanis families? Why do you need to keep them updated? How can you involve your Kiwanis families with your club?
  6. In your opinion, which is more important- doing things for the good of the individual or the good of the society?

You are always free to write about any Key Club-related topic! The articles should each have at least 1 JPG photo and be sent as Microsoft Word documents. Have the author, school name, division, article title, and prompt/whatever topic you choose at the top of the document. Email March articles by APRIL 1ST to with the email subject: Division School March Articles.

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