March Secretary Update

March Secretary Update

What’s up Texas-Oklahoma Secretaries! We’re in the final stretch of our terms until DCON in April. Can you believe it! We only have one month left until convention! Here are a few updates from me:

Tom Duncan Outstanding Officer Award:

I hope you are all considering applying for this prestigious award. This year submissions for this award will be done electronically. The forms for this award, along with the other Outstanding Officer Awards, can be found on

Just follow these steps:>Project & Events tab>68th Annual District Convention>DCON Resources Packet>Contest & Awards>Outstanding Officer Application Forms

As you begin working on your application be sure to keep the following in mind before submitting your application (This applies to all Outstanding Officer Awards):

  • Be sure all submissions are turned into
  • All applications are due no later than APRIL 6th, 2017. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Be sure to read over all requirements for the award to ensure all needed materials are there before final submission.

As always feel free to ask me or your Division’s LTG for more information or help!

Passing on the Torch: 

As each of your clubs hold officer elections for the 2017-2018 Key Club year, make you pass on your own tips and tricks on how to be the best and manage their job. Make sure  to start out the Key Club year right in April! Much like our high school GPA’s, a solid start with reporting can do wonders in the long run. As always refer them to the Resources tab on the website for more information or resources on how to getting started. To make things easier for new and returning Secretaries, I recommend taking a look at the following resources to get new Key Club year started out right.


Organization Materials

Organization Tips

Reporting Quick Tips


I am amazed by how much reporting has grown in our district so far this year. We are in our final month of reporting until DCON. So keep on that amazing reporting by making sure you are serving your community to its fullest and submitting reports on time each month. You should have feedback for every report you have sent to me so far. If you are missing a month in which you have submitted a report or have questions about my feedback, please email me at Also as a reminder  March Reports are DUE APRIL 1st.

Please make sure you are sending your monthly reports to the correct address. They should be sent to me at this address:

7980 Blue Bonnet St.

Beaumont, TX  77713

Annual Achievement Report: 

The Annual Achievement Award is given to clubs directly from Key Club International. This is how clubs become distinguished on the international level for the service and other activities. Through this award, a club may be eligible to become a “Distinguished Club” or  “Diamond Level – Distinguished Club.” Last year only one club from our district received this award at International Convention and the year before that two clubs. Let’s show the rest of the Key Club districts how mighty the T-O district really is! If you have any questions regarding on how to fill out the forms, please ask! Let’s show international where the best clubs are at!
The following links will take you to the Annual Achievement report form and the Contest and Awards guidelines in our bylaws:

Due Dates:

March Reports – DUE APRIL 1ST
Outstanding Officer Award Applications – DUE APRIL 6TH (TURN IN TO
Appointed Staff Position Applications – DUE APRIL 14TH
Annual Achievement Report – DUE AT CHECK-IN AT DCON
Until next time T-O, I’ll see you at convention!

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