K-Family Konnections Project Ideas

K-Family Konnections Project Ideas

Governors project

The 2015-2016 Governor’s Project is K-Family Konnections. The three main branches of this project is joint service projects, joint fundraising, and joint meetings. The Governor’s Project committee has worked diligently to put together different ideas of how to branch out to your K-Family. These ideas were taken from all over the Texas Oklahoma District Key Clubs!

Thanks for participating in this year’s Governor’s Project!

Cy Woods Key Club:

  • Increase communication and interaction between Builder’s Club and Kiwanis Club
  • Have club officers attend (4) local Builder’s Club meetings per semester
  • Interclub socials with Builder’s Club and Key Clubs (Ice Cream social, Movie Night social, and Lock In)
  • Service Projects with local Builder’s Club
  • Have club officers attend Kiwanis Meetings
  • Participate in Kiwanis’s Back Pack Relief Program

Mount Saint Mary Key Club:

  • Charter a local Builder’s Club
  • Plan service projects with Oklahoma University Circle K

North Crowley Key Club:

  •   Have different socials with Kiwanis (Ice Cream social) and invite other Key Clubs to attend

Saint Agnes Key Club:

  • Attend (4) sponsoring Kiwanis Club’s pancake breakfast
  • Establish connections with local Circle K
  • Hold a 2016 fundraiser with sponsoring Kiwanis Club

Other Ideas:

  • Have an interclub trash pickup in your local park or recreational area with local Key Clubs within your division or region
  • Hold a Valentine’s Day Service Project Day with local K-Kids and Builder’s Clubs to create cards for nursing homes and shelters
  • Have an interclub with Kiwanis to fill Easter eggs with stickers for Easter

Has your club hosted or participated in a K-Family event this year? Write an article about it and send it to governor@tokeyclub.com for a chance to be featured on the front page of the District Website!

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