Implemented Point System

Implemented Point System

School ThemeHello T-O Secretaries, Advisors, and Presidents,

The 2014-2015 Key Club District Board adopted a brand new point system to be added to the Code of Contests and Awards under the guidelines for the Top 25 Clubs. The system will focus more on service, which is a core value of this organization. The new point system went into effect beginning with the 2015-2016 Key Club year (April 2015).  There are a few major changes to the system that will affect clubs.

First, sign in sheets must be provided for all club meetings and minutes must be submitted for board and regular meetings. Other requirements will be clear in the system. Second, the point values have changed slightly, by putting less emphasis on extra components of the report. Lastly, there will be two new documents for the main page and activity sheet. Please use the updated versions and note the date of 2015 at the top.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact District Secretary Crystal Loh.

Access all the current secretary reporting forms and resources by going HERE.

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