How to Access the M.U.C !

How to Access the M.U.C !

Hello T-O!

The Membership Update Center is finally OPEN! You know what that means… it’s time to submit your dues! It can definitely get busy this time of year with football games, extracurricular’s and that project you just haven’t finished. However I want to personally encourage each and every one of you to ensure that you (or your club) has submitted your dues by November 30th. It is vital that your dues are turned in ON TIME; so to make your life a little easier I would suggest putting the following dates into the calendar app on your phone AND  having someone else in your club put the dates into his/her phone just to ensure that  there’s always someone else to send you a reminder text about getting your club dues in before each deadline! This year is also a little different because you can now pay your dues with a credit card , this will not change anything in terms of inputting members, and clicking “roster complete-print invoice”. Make sure to turn in your money on time and keep these dates in mind!


Before/On November 1st- Early Bird Points

Before/On December 1st- Deadline for Dues

On/After February 1st- Officially Suspended

On/After around August 1st- Officially Inactive

Please also check the treasurer resources on how to access the MUC. If this does not help you or if you have any other questions please feel free to email me at:

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