House Crest Contest

House Crest Contest

the-wizarding-world-of-serviceHowdy Texas-Oklahoma District,

Are you the type that’s creative, tech-savvy with graphics, and want to contribute to District Convention 2017? Here’s the contest for you!

This contest shows the awesome side of our district by allowing you; the members to be able to contribute to District Convention 2017 by creating and designing the official house crests used at convention. How does this contest work? Use your creative ability to design four creative, unique, and professional looking house crests that will be used throughout convention and to represent the houses that attendees will be ‘sorted’ into. This addition to convention will bring a unique twist and these houses will go head-to-head in a battle of the best to see which house will win the most points at the end of convention. What are you waiting for?

Here are the requirements and regulations: The application form and (4) designs are due no later than January 5th, 2017 at 12:00 PM CST and late submissions will not be processed. If you have any questions, feel free to email Convention Liaison, Chris Do, at

In order to properly submit the house crest designs to Convention Liaison, Chris Do, please submit your designs to ‘’ in ‘PNG’ format that include four separate files for each crest design with transparent background. The size dimensions of these designs should be limited to ’20×20′ inches. Please be aware that these designs should reflect your cognitive ability to be creative and unique BUT crest designs MUST incorporate a shield outline/design into the house as well. As a suggestion, you may stick with ‘traditional’ colors and aspects of the original house crests, but overall these designs should be creative and done with whatever comes to mind.

  1. Fill out the ‘House Crest Contest’ google form here.
  2. Create your (4) creative, unique, and professional looking house crest.
  3. Submit your (4) house crests to Convention Liaison, Chris Do, at

Thank you and good luck to all participants!



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