February Suggested Article Prompts

February Suggested Article Prompts

What’s up T-O!

Here are the February Suggested Article Prompts:

  1. DCON 2017’s theme is The Wizarding World of Service! What DCON theme would you like to see next year?
  2. How is your club recruiting members to attend DCON and participate in DCON-related activities such as contest? What tips can you give other clubs who would like to increase the amount of members they bring to DCON?
  3. Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to act? Would you make the same decision again? How did it affect your views about Key Club?
  4. What is the Thirst Project? How did your club participate in the Thirst Project? What advice can you give to other clubs who would be interested in the Thirst Project?
  5. If you are an officer, how do you connect with your club’s members?
  6. Candidacy forms for District and International leadership positions are out and it is almost time to elect new officers for the upcoming year of service! What characteristics make a good leader? Why? What important aspects have you learned about good and bad leaders while being a leader yourself or observing someone?

You are always free to write about any Key Club-related topic! The articles should each have at least 1 JPG photo and be sent as Microsoft Word documents. Have the author, school name, division, article title, and prompt/whatever topic you choose at the top of the document. Email February articles by March 6th to Editor@tokeyclub.com with the email subject: Division School February Articles.

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