DCON Fundraising Ideas

DCON Fundraising Ideas

It’s always affordable to come to the T-O District Convention when you start raising funds early! Even if your club can only send a few attendees, the knowledge, passion and experience they will bring back to share with the entire club is invaluable! Find a way to come and never regret missing such an awesome Key Club experience.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Check your school’s policy on the number of fundraisers you can have a year/semester
  • If your school doesn’t limit how many fundraisers you can have, consider having 1-2 small fundraisers a month which will add up after a few months
  • If your school only allows very few fundraisers, be sure to have productive ones
  • Check with your Kiwanis Club and see if they’ll consider donating money to cover a portion of the cost
  • Don’t forget to budget money for chaperones

Here are some great fundraising ideas to try:

  1. Sell World’s Finest Chocolate – Check out the site here.
  2. Get Paid for DCON through the 1/3 Rule – Ask your Supporting Kiwanis Club to pay 1/3, ask your  school to pay 1/3, and than collect/fundraise the last 1/3.
  3. Make a DCON T-Shirt – Create a T-Shirt that takes adavantage of the DCON 2017 Brand Guide or it can have something that you know other’s will buy. Don’t forget to promote the T-Shirts to others around your home, school, and community letting people know what the shirts are for the what the money is going towards!
  4. GoFundMe –  Go to the GoFundMe website here, and ask around for donations. Ask everyone you know to help pitch in a little and to help promote your fund account.
  5. Advisor Tape – Use teachers to your advantage such as your club advisor or a well known popular teacher at your school. Sell duct tape or pieces of duct tape for a fee such as a dollar, and use the tape to tape the teacher a few inches above the ground safely.
  6. Bake Sale – Sell cookies, cake, candy, doughnuts or anything in supply at concession stands or at school during lunches or even outside of school. Make sure to include a sign that shows the customers what their money is going towards as well as ingredients inside your items warning people in case of allergies!
  7. DCON Grams – These awesome grams can be linked with a holiday to create “St. Patty’s Grams” or such to help fundraise for convention. Sell items such as flowers, candy or small teddy bears for example to a special someone or friend. Make sure to have  each item have a small note attached as well as who the item is going to be delivered to such as a room number, etc. 

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