DCON 2018 Theme Announced!

DCON 2018 Theme Announced!

The 2018 District Convention theme is … – Saving the World Through Service! The idea of this theme was based off how we are all superheroes in our own way through the service that we do. The theme will invoke a sense of pride, power, and service in all attendees.Saving the World Through Service

Also, please watch the promotional theme release video for DCON 2018: Saving the World Through Service, by going here. Spread the theme around and get super excited for DCON 2018!

For those who have yet to attend DCON, it is a multi-day event on April 12th-15th, 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Dallas, Texas. It’s a time for Texas-Oklahoma Key Clubbers to come together and celebrate a year of service as well as learn new ways to help the community and make memories that will last forever! Interesting aspects of the event include forums, district staff elections, the welcoming activity, service fair, contests and awards, and so much more!

We plan to incorporate the theme into all that we do. From capturing the villain to saving the world in our welcoming activity to having super task to complete to gain recognition on our leaderboard on the app. One way to get started now? Tag #todcon18 with pictures from past conventions you have attended.

Start getting ready today for an unforgettable DCON 2018, a place where we can all be superheroes while we are Saving the World Through Service!

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