DCON 2017 Brand Guide

DCON 2017 Brand Guide

Looking to pizzazz your newsletter, promote all things wizardry, or even incorporate this years convention theme in your club’s daily life? Have no fear, the District Convention 2017 Brand Guide is here! In this guide; just like the Key Club Brand Guide, clubs can gather and use officially released resources by our district to incorporate into their club’s own very resources such as newsletters, videos, scrapbooks, and much more that pertain to convention.

68th Annual Logo

The District Convention 2017 Brand Guide can be found here!

The District Convention 2017 Brand Guide Resources can be found here!

For general convention-related questions, please contact the 2016-2017 T-O District Convention Liaison, Chris Do, at CL@tokeyclub.com. For questions specifically related to the convention registration process, email DCON@tokeyclub.com.

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