Annual Achievement Report 2016-2017

Annual Achievement Report 2016-2017

Does your club have what it takes to be declared a Distinguished Club by International? Here’s how:

With DCON just around the corner, the clock is ticking for your club to complete their Annual Achievement Reports from International. The Annual Achievement Report is very similar to the club Monthly Reports, although there are a few differences. The Annual Achievement Report comes from Key Club International (as they set the scoring system), and it is a yearly report. The Annual Achievement Report allows your club to apply for Distinguished Club, and this honor is based on a variety of items from Service Hours (per member), Funds Raised, Club Information, Club Membership, Leadership Development, and Kiwanis Family Involvement.

All you have to do to submit the form is:

1. Fill out the form (including the typed portion of Service and Funds Raised).

2. Bring the form to convention where it will be graded. Make sure to turn it in at registration!

Also, you may come up with some issues while trying to fill it out. If you need any help or would simply like an example application, feel free to email your District Secretary, Kennie Merbach. The form of the Annual Achievement Report can be found on the Texas-Oklahoma website in the DCON Resource Packet or at the following link:

If you need step by step help on how to fill out the Annual Achievement Report, be sure to check this step by step guide at your convenience.

How to Fill out the Annual Achievement Report

See you at DCON 2017 Texas-Oklahoma!


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