2014-2015 Editor’s Update #10

2014-2015 Editor’s Update #10

StaffZhaoAyyyy T-O Key Clubbers!

This is my last Editor’s update for my 2014-2015 Key Club term. It’s been such an honor to serve you all and such a magnificent experience! I genuinely hope that I was able to help you when needed and fully answer all of the questions you had for me.

Be sure to check out my last Tex-O-Key found here. There are numerous excellent readings about DCON, why you should go, and past experiences at this amazing event.

And can you believe it? DCON is in less than two weeks! After a year of serving our school and community and making miracles come true, we as Key Clubbers get to celebrate all of our success, together, under one roof!

I can’t wait to see all of your awesome faces at DCON! If you see me, definitely say hi!

Until Then,

​Emily Zhao
2014-2015 District Editor

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